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Monday, July 9, 2007 at 19:58:04
Name, age, sex:
Murungi M. Brenda, 26, female
Address: PO Box 710, Kabale, UGANDA
Education: diploma
Occupation: broadcaster
Languages: English
Hobbies: movies, travelling, making friends, reading novels, site seeing
Signal is: I believe the Signal can really connect me with great friends.
Greetings: Make me your friend, here are no regrets.

Monday, July 9, 2007 at 19:09:53
Name, age, sex: Lydia Kondu
Address: PO Box 42, Agona Swedru, GHANA
Occupation: trader
Hobbies: love, sharing ideas, marry, reading stories books, dancing, trvalling
Signal is: very good
Greetings: I am looking for soul mate, ok.

Monday, July 9, 2007 at 18:32:23
Name, age, sex: Charity Okyere
Address: PO Box 42, Agona Swedru, GHANA
Occupation: trader
Languages: English
Hobbies: love, sharing ideas, marry, reading stories books, dancing, trvalling
Greetings: I want to meet the really man that I can share my love with, ok.

Monday, July 9, 2007 at 17:50:31
Name, age, sex:
Norris J. Martinez 12585-196, 26, male
Address: U.S.P., PO Box 5500, Adelanto, CA 92301, USA
Languages: English
Hobbies: pen pals
Greetings: I am looking for a pen pal for friendship and possibly romance.

Monday, July 9, 2007 at 17:38:17
Name, age, sex: Samuel, 37, male
Address: GHANA
Education: BA
Occupation: building contractor
Languages: English
Hobbies: reading. swimming, travelling, exchange of gifts
Greetings: Looking for a serious and long term relationship. All are welcome.

Monday, July 9, 2007 at 13:15:01

USLG4+ Jorge Vilchez, PO Box 347154, San Francisco, CA 94134-7154, USA.
H: stamps and bank notes collectors, also marriage.

USLG8- John Garcia 1224151, Goree 3-9, Huntsville TX 77344, USA. A:39m, 5’9", Mexican descent O: insulation H: walk on the beach, dogs, long talks, travel.

MALG9- Bennouf Yahya, No 9 B Route Elaounia; lot Soltani, MA-60000 Oujda, MOROCCO. A:49m H: reading books, friendship, marriage, correspondence, writing, looking for Canadian girls L: French, English.

GHLG10-+ Eva Willson, Box DA 958, Voluntary High Street, Akim Oda, GHANA. I am nice, romantic, white lady from Australia now based in Ghana to do my national service. H: romance, swimming, dancing, cooking, relationship leading to marriage.

GHLG11-+ Dolcas Kunadu, Oxford Street PO Box 852, Sunyani BA, GHANA. A:25f, 5’9" H: music, dancing, outing, swimming, cooking, shopping, travelling, tv, sports - looking for a reliable man for relationship and marriage.

Hassna Sampah,
PO Box KT 320, Kotobabi-Accra, GHANA.
A:27f, fair, slim O: cook H: I’m looking for a man, meeting, love, marriage.


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Monday, July 9, 2007 at 12:49:33
Name, age, sex: Lee Han Sol, 15, female
Address: Gwangju, SOUTH KOREA
Education: middle school grade 2
Languages: Han Gul
Hobbies: play computer

Monday, July 9, 2007 at 12:11:37
Name, age, sex: Gilbreth, 32, male
Address: Kolkata, INDIA
Education: B.E. mech. Jadavpur university
Occupation: machine design engineer
Languages: Bengali, Hindi, English
Hobbies: music, travelling, photography
Greetings: Need a good heart to share each other.

Monday, July 9, 2007 at 07:36:12
Name, age, sex: Phil, 27, male
Education: college
Occupation: student
Languages: English, Tagalog
Hobbies: basketball, badminton, table tennis
Signal is: awesome
Greetings: I'm looking for an honest and sincere gay to be a friend or a lover, must be kind, generous, no vice, disciplined one. I hope to find one here, don't be ashamed to email me, girls are also welcome, 30-99 yrs old. God bless.

Monday, July 9, 2007 at 02:09:59
Name, age, sex: Abu, 20, male
Address: Box JT 25, Jamestown, Accra, GHANA
Education: high school
Occupation: footballer
Languages: English, Ga
Hobbies: games, travelling, reading
Signal is: nice and cool indeed
Greetings: Ready for friends from all over the world, especially those interested in travelling.

Monday, July 9, 2007 at 02:03:33
Name, age, sex: Anthony Ocloo, 25, male
Address: PO Box M 37, Agona Swedru, GHANA
Education: high school graduate
Occupation: teacher
Languages: English
Hobbies: reading, swimming, music, football
Signal is: to have true love
Greetings: Hello, I am looking to meet a kind and loving woman that I am going to be with for the rest of my life.

Monday, July 9, 2007 at 01:38:03
Name, age, sex: Ali Imtiaz, 40, male
Address: 14040 Beech Ave 4H, Flushing, New York 11355, USA
Education: Master
Occupation: business
Languages: English, Urdu
Hobbies: love to meet young nice pretty girl Signal is: great
Greetings: Email me.

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