JPGM8- Riki Asano, 794-25 Odake Odawara-City, Kanagawa-ken, JAPAN. A:17m E: student of high school H: watching movies.

CUGM9- Guillermo E Gonzalez Mayeta, Calle General Camacho 105½, entre Calle Nueve y Calle 11, Reparto Veguita de Galo, Santiago de Cuba; CUBA. A:17, 175/60 L: Spanish H: tener relaciones con mujeres de otros paises.

DZGM10- Ahmed Dahmane, ZB 1 No 247, Battimex Chettia, DZ-02170 Chlef, ALGERIA. A:26m E: Master’s degree in bibliotheque O: university
L: Arabic, French, English H: reading, culture, music, travelling, meeting friends, marriage.

JPGM12- Mai Yanase, 1442-10 Setogoshi 1, Sasebo, JP-857-0134 Nagasaki, JAPAN. A:15f L: English
H: penpals, boys write !

GHGM13-+ Matilda Donkoh, PO Box 404, Winneba; GHANA. A:26f
L: English
H: swimming, photos, travelling, romance. I wish to correspond with males only.

Thursday, November 6, 2003 at 19:16:43

GHGK66- Akpalu Saviour, St Theresah Church, Box 58, Koforidua ER, GHANA. A:13
L: English H: writing letters.

PHGK74- Melita H. S. del Hugo, 335-C Guinto St Banalo, PH-4102 Bacoor Cavite, PHILIPPINES.
A:55f L: English H: mint stamps, used phonecards, post/view cards, banknotes, coins, stickers. I offer listing in redeemed penfriends for
US$ 1 or US$ 3.

GHGK75-+ Georgina Woode, PO Box AD 32, Adisadel CR, GHANA. A:26f, single H: sports, indoor games, travelling, I’m looking for broadminded person and for marriage...

GHGL2*- Grace Bentile, PO Box PLB PK 45, Gomoa Pinanko, GHANA. A:25f L: English H: teacher H: cooking, marriage, travel, sex, photos, gentlemen write.

MAGL4- Es Said Elhamri, Douar Ain Sadak; Ain Chaib, Ouled Teima; Taroudant, MOROCCO. A:22m, celibataire L: francais.

BRGL9- Marc, PO Box 3670, BR-20001-970 Rio, BRAZIL. A:42m, gay L: English, French, Portuguese, Russian.

GHGL10-+ Monica Ratie, PO Box OS 2703, Osu Accra, GHANA. A:26f. I’m looking for a sincere, loving, faithfuly, caring, understanding, loyal, romantic man to settle down and share the rest of my life with...

Maxwell Obeng Adu,
PO Box 2284 KF,
Koforidua ER,
H: music, football, reading, films, exchange of gifts.

Francisca Yeboaa,
PO Box 943,
Sunyani BA,

A:26f, loving, single, marriage minded. I’m seriously looking for love, someone to share the rest of my life.

Lisa Howard, 70 Williams St,
Mt Vernon,
KY 40456-2852, USA.
A:25f, 5’7"/126lbs, sexy... European men, write !

DZGK50- Rabbaci Ali, Bloc 6 No 13, Cite Petit Lac, DZ-31000 Oran, ALGERIA.
A:38m, célibataire L: francais H: la lecture, le sport, les voyages, échange de timbres, échange d’ideés, amitié, mariage, cartes postales.

INGK52a- Monika Rani, 382 Model Town, IN-132103 Panipat, INDIA. A:35f
L: English, Hindi
H: magazines, banknotes, phonecards, photo with letter - females only.

INGK52b- Sunita Photo Exchange, Opp Yoga Ashram MT, IN-132103 Panipat, INDIA. A:30f
L: English, Hindi H: exchange girl photos, cooking.

GHGK53-+ Joyce Asare, PO Box OS 2703, Osu-Accra, GHANA.
L: English
H: I’m looking for someone who is lovely, faithful, caring, understanding, loyal and romantic, to settle down and share life with.

RUGK56- Shelashsky Nikolav Alexandrovitsh, PO Box 9, RU-165160 Shenkursk, Archangelsk Region, RUSSIA. I collect modern banknotes and coins, registered letters from all the world. I offer Russian stamps, coins, ex-USSR envelopes with provisorations (reappraisal of value) etc.
L: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish. My age 35.

GHGK57- Stacy Ofori, PO Box 29, Agona Ruakhwah CR, GHANA.
A:23f, broadminded L: English H: singing, swimming, men write.

GHGK58- Kyeraa Cynthia, PO Box 2290, Sunyani BA, GHANA.
A:22f O: student
H: sport, travel, cooking, love childreen, loyal, genuine, romantic, understanding... I’m marriage-minded, men write.

JPGK60- Randall Miller, 36, male
O: English teacher, business owner H: cooking, travel, music, karate, aikido, weight lifting, swimming, movies Message: I’m an American, in Japan for 5 years, I’d like to correspond via email. Homepage:

CUGK61- Osmani Claro Carabello, Calle D 48 Los Coco, CU-95200 Guantanamo, CUBA. A:32 años, 164/70 H: me gusta posear, in al cine, escubhar musica, compantir con mis amistades.

Sunday, November 2, 2003 at 13:10:41

USGK36+ Janice Cullen 1005936, 1401 State School, Gatesville TX 76599, USA. A:35f L: English H: swimming, dancing.

Mercy Amoah,
PO Box 465, Berekum BA,

A:24f, merry, slim H: I’m looking for a man from Europe or America for marriage. Email: Painter5352001

MWGK37- Michael Benson Mbando, c/o B J Mbando, Livingstonia Technical College, PO Box 6; Livingstonia, MALAWI. Exchange banknotes and coins, 10 for 10, 20 for 20 or more. All world exchangers are welcome.


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GHGK39- Collins Amponsah Ameyaw, Ghateco Primary School, PO Box 363, Koforidua ER, GHANA. A:14m O: student H: reading magazines, story books, football, penpals.

Altaf Malik,
Artist TV Stage,

A:24m L: English, Urdu
H: acting, writing.

GHGK41- Francis Opoku Amoako, Francis Junior PO Box 1859, Koforidua ER, GHANA. A:11m L: English
H: soccer, swimming.

JPGK42- Miki Oe, 8-24 Osugitai Nukazuka, Hachinohe-shi, JP-031-0022 Aomori, JAPAN. A:35f H: travel, music, movie, penpals.

MAGK43++ Farahi Abdellah, Rue 35 No 23 Hay el Massira II, Casablanca, MOROCCO. A:26m L: Arabic, French, English H: sport, correspondence, music, travel.

GHGK46- Lariba Awuni, Kanda 1 Basic, PO Box 5398, Accra; GHANA. A:15f L: English

Sunday, November 2, 2003 at 11:35:21

GHGK23- Felicia Mensah, North Campus, PO Box WB 38, Winneba CR, GHANA.
H: reading, music, exchange of gifts, share of ideas, travel, candle light, films. I’m seeking for a honest man to marry...

UGK24+ Roger Fonseca Arias, Ojo de Agua, Ensenada de Mora, CU-87900 Pilon Granma, CUBA. A:38m
H: exchange coins, banknotes, cassettes, books, magazines, stamps, penpals around the world L: Spanish, English, German.

JPGK27- Mina Yamada, S-302; 376-2 Yanagiyamatsuoki, JP-514-0803 Tsu-shi Mie, JAPAN. A:26f L: English H: penpals aged 20-28 in Finland wanted.

GHGK25- Agnes Owusu Ansah, North Road Block, PO Box 535, Sunyani BA, GHANA.
A:25f, pretty, slim, attractive African girl, kind, faithful, open, loving, caring, romantic, single, never married O: hairdresser. I’m seeking a lifetime partner, 30-72, photo please. Email:

CUGK28- Richard Parris Guibert, Peralejo 404 ./. San German y Laurros Fuentes, CU-90100 Santiage de Cuba, CUBA. A:13m O: estudio en 9no grado
H: amistades con personas de otros paises, el baile, la musica, la playa, dibujar visitar y salir con mis amistades.

GHGK29-+ Bernice Kumi, PO Box 535, Sunyani BA, GHANA. A:25f, pretty, slim, attractive, kind, faithful, openminded, loving, romantic, reliable. I’m seeking for a love partner with possible meetings...

GMGK30- Ousman Tway, c/o Seedy Tway, National Eyecare Programm Office, PO Box 590, Banjul; THE GAMBIA. A:23m, 170/60
H: scrabble, volleyball, fishing. I’m interested in getting an honest and loyal woman, 25-30, for love and marriage.

DZGK31- Kouider Hocine, Cite Logt 490 Bt 6 Cage A No 4, DZ-16000 Bougara, W Blida; ALGERIA. A:38m, celibataire H: sport, football, disco, la musique, timbre, correspondance.

GHGK32- Samuel Anderson, Church of Jesus, PO Box NG 560, Nungua-Accra, GHANA. A:34m, married O: teacher
H: want to exchange ideas, learn new methods of teaching and share professional experiences.

USGK33- Cleo C Crockett, 4751 Perry St, Denver CO 8021, USA.
A:63m H: study of ancient history, old stamps, coins, banknotes etc, OLD.

Monday, September 29, 2003 at 16:31:27

GMGK1-+ Jamadou Lamine Diedhiou, s/c Souleyman Drammett, PO Box 2173, Banjul; THE GAMBIA. A:34m, 178 cm, Senegalais O: le cuisinier
H: correspond
L: francais, anglais.

GHGK2- Kwesi Agyemang Kwakye, Wesley International School, PO Box 108, Adweso Koforidua ER, GHANA.
A:11m H: football, tennis, reading L: English, Twi.

USGK3- G Glyptis, 350 - 65th St apt 5 K, Brooklyn NY 11220, USA. Young American man seeking penpals from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka for friendship, romance, marriage. H: travel, beach, sports, football, basketball, quiet times at home.