GHGG65-+ Vandyclox Ofori, PO Box KN 2826, Accra, GHANA.
A:12m H: soccer, volley, swimming, reading, movies, basketball, penpals worldwide.

EEGH2+ Hindrik Hiiemäe, PO Box 2, EE-50601 Tartu 6, ESTONIA. H: coins, phonecards, banknotes of Finland, Scandinavia, worldwide L: English, Russian.

GHGH3- Baaba Anderson, Shy Post Office, PO Box SW 97, Shy Estate KN 17/2, Agona Swedru CR; GHANA.
A:25f O: fashion designer
H: cooking, outdoor events, swimming, movies, dancing, love - males over 20 write !

USGH5- Jose A Jimenez 406677; UCI, 7819 NW 228th St P 1126, Raiford FL 32026-4410, USA. A:39m, single - a death row inmate H: writing letters, reading, drawing, poems, music, crochet
L: English.

Rosina Kelly,
Mail Bag 296,
Berekuma BA,

Calm, smart, honest, sincere lady looking for relationship, marriage...

PKGH7- Arshad Javed, House No 91 Chhw, Attock City, PAKISTAN. A:32m
O: business L: English
H: banknotes, used phonecards, coins, stamps, viewcards, correspondence, gifts, music, movies.

INGH11a- Sunita Photo Exchage, Opp Yoga Ashram MT, Panipat, INDIA.
A:30f L: Hindi, English H: only ladies, photo exchange.

INGH11b- Madam Art Gallery, Raja Pointra, Jdgah Road MT, IN-132103 Panipat, INDIA. L: Hindi, English, Jindiyar.

INGH11c- Miss Ramesh, Pawan Soda Water, Panipat, INDIA. A:28f L: Hindi, English H: phonecards, banknotes, only ladies - exchange photo.

INGH11d- International P.F. Exchange Item, 382 MT Panipat, INDIA.
L: English, Hindi H: penfriends, exchange items, photos.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003 at 12:08:54

GMGG50- Augustin Bassaine, s/c de Berthe Sambou, PO Box 4523, Bakau; THE GAMBIA. A:29m L: francais, en peut l’anglais H: la nature, le cinéma, la lecture, le sport, la plage, le football
O: jardiguier. Je voudrais une femme pour mariage dans l’Europe.

GHGG52-+ Lovia Margret Borma, B 774 Ecomog Street, PO Box 369, Berekum BA, GHANA. A:21f O: student, teacher training college
H: movies, cooking, reading, writing letters, exchange of gifts, volley, photos, visiting. Romantic, gentle, handsome men write with your photo, I’m looking for life partner.

GHGG53- Simms Baffour Asare, Archibishop Lemaire Anglican, PO Box 292, Koforidua ER, GHANA. A:15m L: English H: penpals.

ZAGG54- Maurice Dias, PO Box 516, ZA-1710 Florida, SOUTH AFRICA. A:28m
L: English H: banknotes.

GHGG55- Millicent Nsoah, Box 177, Nsoatre B/A/R, GHANA. A:22f, cheerful, beautiful, fashionable, caring and looking for a serious relationship leading to marriage... H: sex, kissing, travel, tv, football watching.

USGG56- Michael Rivera 640779, UCI P1208, 7819 NW 228 St, Raiford; FL 32026, USA. Lonely heart searching for friendship or relationship, 5’11", 170 lbs, 41, never married. Ladies, write !

INGG57- Joysri Palit, 8Z/1B/12 Rahim Ostagar Rd, IN-700045 Calcutta, INDIA. A:27f L: English H: adult and blue photo exchange.

GHGG58- Prince William Derby, PO Box EF 149, Effia-Takoradi, GHANA. A:17m
L: English H: reading books, writing letters, making friends, football.

GHGG62-+ Joyce A Antwiwaa, Postal Box 318, Nsoatre BAR, GHANA. A:24f, kind, honest, faithful, loyal, God fearing, open-minded
H: volley & net ball, cooking, watching movies, music, dancing. I hope to meet a man 25-up to have a relationship...

GHGG63- Akintola Samuel, Sonrise Chr Sch Int, PO Box 283, HO Volta, GHANA. A:12m L: English H: penpals.

Tuesday July 22 2003 at 13:30:47

GHGG12- Comfort Akumienu, East Airport Road, PO Box WB 382, Winneba CR, GHANA. A:24f, loving, caring, affectionate, understandable, seeking for a man to marry. H: swimming, reading, hot letters,music, films. Mr Right ! Write...

GHGG13-+ Sharon Stone, PO Box KU 207, Simpa CR, GHANA. A:25f, kind, caring, loving, unmarried L: English
H: movies, beach, travelling, visits, music. Carinh, lovely, symphathetic men, write with photo.

GHGG18-+ Linda Amankwaa, PO Box KS 9136, Kumasi AR, GHANA. 24, 5’8", 48 kg, single, no children, not married before. Caring, living, loyal, compassionate and smart.
H: music, movies, outdoors, cooking, love children. Searching for a white man to meet/marriage.

GHGG19-+ Benedicta Baisel, PO Box 384 WB, Beach Lane, Simpa; Winnebaa CR, GHANA. A:25f H: love, marriage, photos, visits, caring, cooking, romance, candlelight, reading, sharing ideas.

Monday July 21 2003 at 12:59:07

BDGF71++ Kazal, Bachchu; VIII Musori, PO Rupgonj, Dist N Gonj, BANGLADESH. A:21f
L: English
H: dancing, modeling, photography. I’d like to make male friendship.

GHGF75- Victor M K Jnr Otoo, Mum Community B JSS, PO Box 5, Mumford via Apam ER, GHANA.
A:17m H: religion, penpals.

TTGG1+ Vincent Diaz, 217 Longdenville Road, Chaguanas, TRINIDAD WI. A:61m L: English H: selling money-making information.

GHGG2-+ Joyce Ama Cudjor, PO Box 384 WB, Winneba CR, GHANA. A:25f L: English
H: reading, outing, caring, cooking, photos, beach, visit, long relationship, conversation - wishing to establish an endless love...

NGGG3- Teddy Y Umanah, Atiamkpat PA, Onna LGA, Akwa; Ibom State, NIGERIA. L: English H: penpals worldwide, FI DE US.

CAGG5- Tina Zilbert, 4020 St John Box 115, CA-H9G-2L6 Dollard des Ormeaux QUE, CANADA. A:19f - beautiful Canadian girl seeking male companion...

USGG6- Lavern Lamont Underwood, PO Box 600, Nashville NC 27856, USA. A:42m L: English H: penpals, race cars, seeking nice ladies.

GHGG7-+ Cynthia Asante, PO Box KS 9136, Kumasi AR, GHANA. A:24f, single, loving, caring, affectionate, sincere, smart
H: foreign culture, music, movies, sports, cooking, children. Looking for a white man for relationship, love and marriage. * Email:

MAGG8- Dahnani Laila, 234 Hay Saidia, MA-50000 Meknes, MAROC. A:20f, 160/50, yeux noirs, cheveux noire.

Belinda Ama Odoom,
PO Box SM 10, Agona Swedru,

H: romance, love, marriage

July 20 2003 19:01:27

GHGF44-+ Hannah Nelon, PO Box 512, Ag Swedru, GHANA. A:25f L: English.
H: cooking, travelling, music, movies, romance, modelling. I’m looking for a single marriage-minded man for love, marriage... Photo!

USGF53+ 34 male seeks friendship with other bi or gay males. H: swimming, beaches, naturism, hiking, biking, canoeing, photography. Photo swapping and friendship. Write to Boxholder 281, Eagle River WI 54521, USA.

PHGF51-+ Anna Ramos, 3131 Reposo St, Sta Mesa, Manila, PHILIPPINES. A:21f, 5'/98 lbs, fair complexion, long hair, friendly, loveable, kind, honest
O: sales lady H: watching movies, singing videoke.

JPGF56- Fusao Toho, 3-2-9 Nishisuminoe, Osaka Suminoe-ku 559, JAPAN. A:53m H: travelling, stamps, karaoke, picture postcards, penpals in Finlan wanted.

GHGF59- Maxwell Osei Wusu, PO Box KF 2099, Koforidua ER, GHANA. A:15m H: penpals.

USGF61- George Glyptis, 350 - 65th St apt 5 K, Brooklyn NY 11220, USA. Single, seeking penpals in Finland, worldwide. H: travel, the beach, sports, football, I’m marriage minded...

GHGF62- Francis Opoku Jr, c/o Francis Amoako, PO Box 1859, Adweso K’dua, GHANA. A:12m L: English, Twi H: football, exchanging money.

GHGF63- Emmanuel Adams, COP Bether Assembly, PO Box ABK 149, Accra; GHANA. O: student H: coins, banknotes, viewcards, phone cards, exchange.

ESGF68+ Josefine Ware,
E Malaga, Galina 2, Fuengirola, Malaga; SPAIN.
Female, just retired teacher
L: English, Spanish, French
H: astronomy, space travel, reading, writing, travelling, looking for penpals, female and male, to xchange ideas, perhaps holidays.

GHGF70- Kelvin Yaw Afrane, Wesley Int’l School, PO Box 108, Adweso K’dua, GHANA. A:11 O: student
H: swimming, playing soccer, visiting friends, penpals worldwide.

July 20 2003 14:50:10

MMGF25- Than Lan (PKU), No 51 - 32 Street; 1st floor right, Pabedan Tsp., Yangon, MYANMAR (BURMA). Want to exchange mint stamps with worldwide. Send your letters only by REGISTERED airmail for safety. Write your address in clearly in CAPITAL LETTERS.

PKGF27-+ Zahid Hussain Ansari, H No 17 Ward No 11 Mohalla Belay Wala, PK-31200 Layyah, Punjab; PAKISTAN. A:30m L: English, Urdu H: penpals, radio, stamps, banknotes, magazines, outing, thinking.

GHGF28- Isaac Offei, PO Box 197, Koforidua ER, GHANA. A:13m H: penpals.

GHGF31- Linda Ishmeal, PO Box 856, Opp Petrol Shell, Agona Swedru CR, GHANA. A:24f H: love, dancing, films, swimming, singing, looking for marriage.

GHGF32- Paul Arthur, PO Box BR 175, Breman Asikuma CR, GHANA.
I’m a Ghanaian boy looking for penpals. H: travel, football, tv, reading, gospel music, viewcards.

RUGF34- Vyacheslav Ilyin, Poste Restante, RU-125009 Moscow, RUSSIA. A:58m
L: English H: music, books, theatres, travel, sport, engineering, car, dancing, arts.