June 10 2012

The most recent comments by Rohan Shravan, CEO, Notion Ink, about their Adam tablet computers was issued in Light Reading India, on May 9 2012.

Flipkart.com in India is still selling the Adam for 20.999 Indian Rupees through their website in anybody is interested...

- tabletroms.com on August 31 2011

Finally some news from Rohan Shravan...
NotionInk and Adam tablet are still alive ! ! ! !

Raimo Kaarna said, on August 27, 2011 at 00:41 - - - notionink.wordpress.com

Request to our Adam tablet friends in BANGALORE, INDIA -
- Anirban, Prasanna, Vivek, Srikanta, Binu, Deepu and Punya

You were having the meeting of Bangalore Adamites one month ago, on the 16th of July and Binu seemed to have taken a few photos of your six Adam tablets, too. The next meeting soon ? Your own comments: “The first meet was really successful and useful too. I think we should meet once a month. I also encourage other city Adamites to meet and post their experiences and learning.“ >

What about helping us, the foreign Adam users, to get rid of vain fears and disappointments ? You can do it easily if you want. Binu, just take your digi camera and go to Notion Ink Design Labs Pvt. Ltd., Subramanya Arcade, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560029, India and take a few photos outside Notion Ink office, and more inside if possible. Tell us what is going on, any kind of activity over there… No blogs, no news after July 26th, 2011 05:26 PM.

The Times of India wrote on Feb 14, 2010, 12.49am about the ‘iPad killer’ Adam and Notion Ink, its founders are six IITans and an MBA grad, average age of 24: Rohan Shravan, Rohit Rathi, Sachin Ralhan, and other five. Who of these persons are still working for Notion Ink ? How many have abandoned the ‘sinking’ ship ? If so, why ? Or are they all still studying or working for other computer firms to earn their living, to get some bread to the table, to pay their rents etc.

Here is how Rohan sold the Adam dream: “nVidia’s Tegra 2 chip and a PixelQi screen, together, they help it achieve twice the battery life and performance of the iPad”, “The chip provides an edge over the iPad with its ability to play full high definition videos and Flash on the web browser. It can offer the performance of a computer with the power consumption of a cellphone”. Really ? What about HoneyComb – doesn’t it consume more power than a simple cellphone???

A few photos from Notion Ink office in Bangalore and Rohan & Co’s current ideas and dreams would give some us reliance and peace of mind, make our doubts about the future of the Adam tablet go away. My aim is to use my Adam tablet actively, preferably for years…

A few questions, can anyone help ?
1) how to watch the youtube / old adam sviwel camera videos / other videos / tv in 10” size instead of 7” size, I’ve got MoBoPlayer;
2) how to select the SWEDISH keyboard for EXTERNAL keyboard on android;
3) how to get external webcam to work with Adam, or the sviwel camera back;
4) any new useful updates for HC lately, after HC-2011-07-adam – where ?
5) any good applications, web editors for html and ftp, useable for writing 100’s of web pages

Raimo Kaarna – signalpenpals.net – Finland – PixelQi+WiFi+3G

Raimo Kaarna said, on August 12, 2011 at 00:17 - - - notionink.wordpress.com

NotionInk and Adam tablet out of business ????

Anyhow it was very interesting to be a part in Rohan Shravan's dream, unfortunately it propably also was only a DREAM... I paid US$ 783,52 for this tablet computer. The money went to a very good purpose, part of it surely was used by Rohan and his partners for their own computers, travelling expenses to the computer fairs in USA and Europe, to these students adventures in the real business world... It goes without saying that without the fine Adam tablet dreams, design and ideas Rohan's life would not have been so exciting !

What I was expecting when I bought my Adam tablet ? I wanted to get a LIGHT portable "EDITORIAL DESK" and CAMERA for my publishing hobby, I wanted to be able to read worldwide newspapers, watch international tv, edit my web pages in html, send the pages to web servers using ftp, use external keyboard with the Scandinavian alphabets - the soft keyboard or thumb keyboard are useless for serious writing...

Something worked fine with the original software and with the first update.zip. After the unofficial HC update the camera stopped functioning, no more photos or videos, the swivel camera became obsolate. Luckily I still can watch the photos and videos taken earlier... Now youtube and other videos are not in full screen size, there is one inch of black space on the left and right, the size can not be enlarged with two fingers.

I used to watch some Indian tv stations, in English, now they no longer open at all, Finnish tv stations (areena.yle.fi and mtv3.fi) videos do not open - they need JavaScript support ??? CNN videos can not be watched... Earlier they were just fine, before the HoneyComb update.

MY DREAM is that Rohan Shravan would design a few improvements for my Adam tablet:
the possibility to EXCHANGE the operation system from the external microSD card. If I prefer the original user's interface (UI or ROM???) it would be possible, if I prefer the blue UI that could be selected, or if I want to use the HoneyComb that would be possible. Just by selecting it from the microSD card. All of us users are NOT interested in flashing the ROM every day, or in installing again the same applications to be able to do anything sensible with the tablet computer.

I want to take photos and videos with the swivel camera again, I want to read local and foreign newspapers, I want to watch videos in full screen size, I want to watch tv news from Finland and India and worldwide, I want to edit my web pages and ftp them to web servers, everything is possible with any desktop or laptop computer. Is it NOT possible with my "DREAM" tablet computer, US$ 783,52 ???? If not I feel a bit disappointed with my Adam tablet and Rohan's dream... And surely there is NO reason for any of us to dream about buying also the Adam 2 tablet !

Raimo Kaarna - signalpenpals.net

I am Signal's publisher Raimo Kaarna, and I received
my Indian designed exotic Adam-tablet from China April 5 2011

June 07, 2011
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April 29 2011
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And also this older Technoholik Interview of Rohan Shravan About 1500 Adam tablets ordered and paid for, most delivered now in April 2011

March 22 2011: Am I personally worried about the the slow delivery of my own PixelQi-LCD-Wifi-3G (UMTS 900/2100 MHz) Adam-tablet? - NO, Rohan Shravan was said to be in Taiwan now and "The display is manufactured in a Pixel Qi partnership with CPT (Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd.). Based in Taoyuan, Taiwan, CPT manufactures nearly 40 million displays per month and is the #2 manufacturer of small and middle sized LCDs in the world."
- Propably Rohan has finally collected enough pre-orders of the Pixel Qi-screen Adams and advance payments to be able to buy the screens from the manufacturer. Minimum order may be 500 or 1.000 screens at a time - cash in advance from start-up customers ?
I wish Rohan was just shopping the displays for my Adam tablet and your Adam, too.
We'll receive them SOON !!!???

I received my Indian Adam-tablet
from China April 5 2011

In the Notion Ink's blog I see most of the customers are receiving their Adams this week.

February 1 2011

Open letter to Rohan Shravan

- Read about ADAM Osborne to avoid the fate of his computer Osborne I and Osborne Executive...

"The Osborne 1 was the first commercially successful portable microcomputer, released in April, 1981 by Osborne Computer Corporation. It weighed 10.7 kg (23.5 pounds), cost USD$1795,[1] and ran the then-popular CP/M 2.2 operating system."

"In the first eight months after April, 1981, when the first unit was announced, the Osborne Computer Corporation sold 11,000 units.[4] Sales at their peak reached 10,000 units per month.[4] In September 1981, Osborne Computer Company had its first US$1 million sales month. Sales of the Osborne 1 were hurt by the company's premature announcement of superior successor machines such as the Osborne Executive[5], a phenomenon later called the Osborne effect."

World's first handheld computer in 1989 ?

"The Poqet PC is a very small, portable IBM PC compatible computer, introduced in 1989 by Poqet Computer Corporation with a price of $2000. The computer was discontinued after Fujitsu Ltd. bought Poqet Computer Corp."

Fujitsu later manufactured Fujitsu Stylistic 1000, first launched in 1996 and sold for $2900 - for pen based computing, it is very much like your Adam.

I paid US$ 1600 for my first Osborne I computer in September 1983, and bought two more later. Bought 11 Poqet computers in the 90's, too. Now would like to buy one ADAM tablet - "rare handmade collector's piece" - but am still waiting for the bank account number of Notion Ink in India to transfer the payment via my own bank in Finland... No reply to email of January 23 2011 ever received.

Possibly Adam tablets should be manufactured and marketed by one of the "Big Boys" to keep it alive and the customers happy, even without any pre-payments ? Why not to sell MILLIONS of Adams instead of selling a few hundred or a few thousand pieces per year ?

What about Nokia, they seem to look for ways of competing successfully with Apple and iPad.
If they don't introduce their own new tablet in London UK in two weeks Rohan should send a free sample of the Adam tablet to Stephen Elop, Nokia Oyj's new chief executive officer and make him an offer which is impossible to refuse.
(February 11 2011: Too late, Nokia and Microsoft announced co-operation, WP7; January 9 2011: There are also rumours about Nokia's MeeGo-tablet)

I really hope Adam is soon available also in Finland, or at least to Finland without several months of waiting for the arrival due to different delays and excuses... The angry comments are sad reading now !
I'll buy mine immediately when available locally or I know the bank account number to send the advance payment.

R a i m o K a a r n a

P.S. - I paid US$ 600 for my Adam on February 15 2011, US$ 183,52 VAT and service fees April 4 2011. And received it via TNT on April 5 2011...

January 21 2011
- Scrollable iPapyrus Computer - the idea by Raimo Kaarna ! The flexible screen by LG
Inside the round tube: epaper screen, keyboard, cell phone, batteries, WiFi, G3, USB...