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Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 23:58:42
Name, age, sex:
Yvette Bass, 19, female
Address: 1195 E. Hnfd-arm. Rd. 213, Lemoore, CA 93245, USA
Education: high school graduate
Occupation: overnight stocker
Languages: English
Hobbies: music, sports
Greetings: Hi people !

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 23:28:27
Name, age, sex: Tamara, 28, female
Address: 6 Commodore Ave, CA-B4E-3B2 Sackville, NS, CANADA
Education: univerisity degree
Occupation: call center agent
Languages: English
Hobbies: snail mail pals
Signal is: looks great
Greetings: Snail mail is like Christmas everyday.

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 22:35:40
Name, age, sex: Debaranjan, 29, male
Address: INDIA
Education: MBA, pgdca, dipma in jounalism
Occupation: motivater
Languages: English, Hindi, Oriya
Hobbies: freindship, reading books
Signal is: excellent
Greetings: Hello every one !

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 19:31:30
Name, age, sex: Felix, 50, male
Address: PO Box 14182, Accra, GHANA
Education: F I S B London
Occupation: mail order dealer
Languages: Englih
Hobbies: basketball, football, atheletics
Signal is: great place to meet people worldwide
Greetings: Hello everyone out there...

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 18:01:32
Name, age, sex: Vincent Yaw Dwumfuor
Address: Quality Insurance Company Ltd, Box Mp 1252, Mamprobi-Accra, GHANA
Education: ccna
Occupation: network administrator
Languages: English, Ghanaian
Hobbies: reading, music, travelling, meeting friends
Signal is: nice place to meet friends
Greetings: Only serious ones should write. Spams are not well cos if I see your letter I will delete it. Those seeking marriage can write me cos I am single.

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 16:46:55
Name, age, sex:
Fely Saltan, early 40's
Address: Fely's Beauty Shop, Brgy 2, Vintar, PH-2915 Ilocos Norte, PHILIPPINES
Education: a beauty therapist
Occupation: shop owner
Languages: English, Tagalog, Ilicano
Hobbies: reading, walking on the beach, enjoying peoples company
Greetings: Hi, I am looking for an Australian gentleman aged between 40 and 50. I am single and looking for some one to spend my life with. I hope if you are looking for love you will write to me.

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 16:46:12
Name, age, sex: Anil
Address: Bg 7/67, 2nd Floor, Paschim Vihar, INDIA
Education: diploma
Occupation: self employed
Languages: English, Hindi
Hobbies: interior decoration, music
Greetings: Not for the whole life. Honesty.

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 16:42:01
Name, age, sex: Sheldonmarc
Address: PO Box 964, OM-133 Al Khuwair, Muscat, OMAN
Education: college
Occupation: hospitality institute
Languages: English
Hobbies: swimming, dancing, singing, sports, movies
Signal is: great way to me
Greetings: Hi all, I am looking for a kind hearted woman who is alot of fun to be with and knows how to enjoy life in simple things too.

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 16:02:28
Name, age, sex: Aaron Tang, 28, male
Education: college
Occupation: manager
Languages: English, Malay, Mandarin, Thai
Hobbies: travel, stamps, cooking, fun
Greetings: Hello ! Let's b friends.

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 15:59:48
Name, age, sex: Milad, 21, khob
Address: Sohrovardi, IRAN
Email: melad
Languages: Farsi

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 15:39:55
Name, age, sex:
Jerry Arthur-Mark, 22, male
Address: PO Box Td 48, Takoradi, GHANA
Homepage: general
Education: high school
Occupation: store keeper
Languages: English, Fante
Hobbies: golf, football
Signal is: normal
Greetings: Thank you for reading.

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 15:22:46
Name, age, sex: Anil, 37, male
Address: Bg 7/67, 2nd Floor, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi, INDIA
Education: diploma
Occupation: self employed
Languages: English, Hindi
Hobbies: music, reading, travelling, decoration
Greetings: Hello honestely, looking for true friend as life partner.

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 15:16:36
Name, age, sex: Anam, 12, female
Address: L. 632, PAKISTAN
Education: school
Occupation: student
Languages: Urdu
Hobbies: chating
Signal is: king
Greetings: Always be happy !

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 14:36:42
Name, age, sex: Saif, 18
Email: Occupation: student
Languages: English
Hobbies: cricket
Signal is: single

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 14:29:38
Name, age, sex: Kingsley Ashong, male
Address: 11, Korle-bu, Accra, GHANA
Education: maths, science
Occupation: student
Languages: English, Ga
Hobbies: nba, playinggames, reading
Greetings: How do you do. Female...

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 14:25:13
Name, age, sex: Dhananjaya, 24, male
Address: IN-32424, INDIA

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 14:10:13
Name, age, sex: Mc-Collins, 24, male
Address: NIGERIA
Education: undergraduate
Occupation: student
Languages: English
Hobbies: traveling, fun, penpal
Signal is: cooool and nice
Greetings: Looking 4 a good lady 4 marriage s/ship and penpal friends l

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 13:55:25

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Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 13:46:06
Name, age, sex: Din, 29, m
Education: diploma
Occupation: accounts assistant
Languages: English
Hobbies: reading
Greetings: Love u baby.

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 13:36:13
Name, age, sex: Manu, 35, male
Education: ok
Occupation: jeweller
Languages: English, German, Italian, French
Hobbies: precious stones and sports: inlineskating, badminton, swimming, skiing, biking

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 12:47:59
Name, age, sex: Sensi, 18, m
Address: Kolej Cendana Ss6 Uitm Shah Alam, 40450 Shah Alam, Selangor, MALAYSIA
Education: Mara university of technology
Occupation: student
Languages: Malay, English
Hobbies: badminton, reading, watching
Signal is: such an amuse thing
Greetings: Let's have fun together. I want to contact with all the teenagers in the world.

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 12:45:19
Name, age, sex: Arup Sharma, 33, m
Address: Guwahati G S Road, Paltanbazar Assam, INDIA
Education: BA
Occupation: business of transport & hotel
Languages: Assamese
Hobbies: sex with women
Greetings: She may be a divorced one, age 38.

Saturday, September 06, 2003 at 12:04:33
Name, age, sex: Banerjee, 27
Address: Calcutta, INDIA
Education: MBBS
Occupation: doctor
Languages: English, Bengali, Hindi
Hobbies: reading, surfing, music, trekking Signal is: excellent
Greetings: Hello, let's be frnds.

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 11:47:19
Name, age, sex:
Sandeep Kumar, 19, male
Address: VPO Old Kangra, Mohalla Uprate, IN-176002 Kangra, Himachal, INDIA
Education: B. Sc, final
Occupation: student
Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi
Hobbies: stamp collecting, penpals
Signal is: a good
Greetings: Plz plz plzzzzz write me.

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 11:27:43
Name, age, sex: Janette, 29, f
Address: Oulu, FINLAND
Languages: English, Finnish
Hobbies: beads, jewelry crafts, collecting, penpalling, art, music
Greetings: I am looking for male penpals from USA. So if you´re white, 25+, please write !

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 11:23:42
Name, age, sex: Raja, 26, male
Address: Trivandrum, INDIA
Education: engineering
Occupation: manager
Languages: Malayalam, English, Tamil
Hobbies: reading, song, service
Greetings: I want a best friend, likely good girl friend.

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 11:19:16
Name, age, sex: Atul Mhatre, 31, male
Address: B/403-Newsatara Chs, Plot No1-2, Sec14 Koparkhairane, Navimumbai, INDIA
Education: BE chemical
Occupation: service
Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi
Hobbies: reading, trekking, dancing, chatting
Signal is: good
Greetings: Welcome to Atul's world !

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 10:50:41
Name, age, sex: Moahammed Ali, male
Address: PO Box 158, Ramadi, IQ-20200 Anbar, IRAQ
Education: college of education
Occupation: teacher
Languages: English, Arabic
Hobbies: music, movie, travelling, exchanging ideas
Signal is: nice
Greetings: A need to connect with a real females.

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 10:42:57
Name, age, sex: Magfoor Abid Hasnain
Address: INDIA
Education: graduation
Occupation: business
Languages: Assamese, English, Hindi, Bengali
Hobbies: music, chating, movies, business
Signal is: good
Greetings: Have fun !

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 08:27:43
Name, age, sex: Nalumansi, 23, f
Address: Kampala, UGANDA
Education: some college
Occupation: designer
Languages: English
Hobbies: soccer, travelling, music
Signal is: good
Greetings: I love u all.

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 07:47:08
Name, age, sex: Vimal, 28, male
Address: 4727-105 Street, CA-T6H-2M3 Edmonton, CANADA

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 07:26:58
Name, age, sex: Christine, 12
Address: KOREA
Languages: English
Hobbies: listen to the music

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 07:12:08
Name, age, sex: Tapas, 44, male
Address: Rajpur, Kokata, INDIA
Education: graduate
Occupation: working in multinational company
Languages: English, Hindi, Bengali, Asamese
Hobbies: driving, dining, friendships
Signal is: It is really signal of happiness !
Greetings: Wish you a real enjoyment in life.

Saturday, September 6, 2003 at 02:43:25
Name, age, sex: Denis Roussel, 58
Address: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Education: baccalaureate, business
Occupation: retired military
Languages: English, Spanish, a little German, Hebrew
Hobbies: building, fixing things, computers, chess
Signal is: great
Greetings: I am interested in all sorts of people, but I also seek a wife.