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Tue, 22 May 2001 15:09:02 -0700
Name, age, sex: Lisa, 27, female
Address: 69 Nathalie Ave, Amityville NY, USA
Education: finished high school and tech school
Occupation: healthcare worker
Languages: English and some French
Hobbies: singing, writing, music
Greetings: Hello everybody...


Tue, 22 May 2001 16:22:22
Name, age, sex: Ilayaraja
Address: Love Groove, SWEDEN
Education: technical
Occupation: MRT
Languages: English, Tamil
Hobbies: friendship
Signal is: good
Greetings: Hi pals...


Tue, 22 May 2001 04:07:28 -0400
Name, age, sex: Cece, 46, female
Address: USA
Education: high school grad.
Occupation: exec., housekeeper
Languages: English
Hobbies: web-tv


Tue, 22 May 2001 16:22:22

DZEF68- Ben Hamoud Ahmed,
DZ-21120 Benibechir, W. Skikda, ALGERIA.
A;32m, single, 64/166 H: le sport, cinema, le sexe, la nature
L: francais.

RUEF69-+ Vladimir Rouzavine, PO Box 56,
RU-428024 Cheboksary, RUSSIA.
A:38m, 178
L: English, opiskelen suomen kieltä H: I want to get acquainted with a woman, 25-55, from Finland for marriage.

LYEF70- Mutawakil A Adams, PO Box 1038, Zawiya Almalijub, Misurata city, LIBYA. A:24m, Ghanaian H: footballing, pop music, zoos, water falls, animal game reserves, female penpals aged 25-40.

GHEF71-+ Eunice Yeboah, Box 2286, Sunyani BA, GHANA. A:22f H: visiting Finland soon with a dancing group, long term relationship wanted.

GHEF73-+ Edward Marfo Olibo, PO Box KF 346, Koforidua ER, GHANA. A:15m L: English H: writing letters, football, table tennis.

GMEF74-+ Sanyana Omar, Tumanitenda Village, PO Box 5425, Kombo East WD, Brikama; GAMBIA. A:19m
L: Jola, English H: football, tennis, scout.

GHEF94a- Nana William, PO Box 840 Best St, Cape Coast, GHANA. A:29m H: travelling, marriage, cooking.

GHEF94b-+ Meeky Aba Koufie, PO Box 840 Best St, Cape Coast, GHANA. A:25f H: travelling, marriage.


Mon, 21 May 2001 20:04:40 -0400
Name, age, sex: Majd, 34, male
Address: IRAN
Education: engineering
Occupation: petroleum engineer
Languages: English
Greetings: I want to marry with a kind, honest and serious woman. Race and color are no barrier. I will reply all mail. I'm single and never been married. I'm ready to relocate if necessary.


21 May 2001 09:11:09 -0700
Name, age, sex:
Rhona (Remmie) Tumusiime, 19, female
Address: PO Box 22272, Kampala, UGANDA
Education: high school
Occupation: model
Languages: English
Hobbies: swimming, making relationships, music, reading
Signal is: great
Greetings: Hi. I am Rhona, gorgeaous young girl in search of companionship. I am lonely. Please, do not leave my loneliness take the best of me. I need someone who is ready to give me the return of my love, cae, attention for him. write to me, email me, will answer all letters. Take care. Love and peace.


21 May 2001 09:07:04 -0700
Name, age, sex: Irene Monica, 26, f
Address: PO Box 27761, Kampala, UGANDA
Education: college certificate
Occupation: sales lady
Languages: English
Hobbies: reading novels, watching movies, touring
Signal is: High!!!
Greetings: Hi. I am a lonely lady in search of companionship. I need someone in my life. I have love to offer. Please, write to me, snail mail and email me. Will write back to all. Take care.


Mon, 21 May 2001 13:22:24
Name, age, sex: Helena, 42, woman
Address: Djankoy, UKRAINE
Education: university
Occupation: private
Languages: Russian, French
Hobbies: book, movie
Signal is: best off


Mon, 21 May 2001 13:22:24 +0200
Name, age, sex: Jeannine, 18, female
Address: GERMANY
Languages: English, German
Hobbies: reading, listening music, useing the comp, e-mails and snail mails, collecting phone and postcards, newspapers... I like travelling.
Signal is: It's great.
Greetings: Hi ya ! I would to have some penpals - snail mail and e-mail pal, so if you are around 16-20 years old. I would be glad, if you would write to me. Gender and country doesn´t matter, I also look for some phone and post card swapper :) Best wishes !


Mon, 21 May 2001 09:10:36 -0400
Name, age, sex: Jason, 27, m
Address: Saginaw, Michigan, USA
Education: B.A., currently working on Masters degree
Occupation: public relations manager
Languages: English, some Spanish
Hobbies: music - listening and performing, mountain biking, jet skiing, reading, golfing
Signal is: fantastic
Greetings: Hello all - I am interested in meeting people from other cultures, both for educational and personal reasons. I am a single, 5'8", 165 lb. male and enjoy extreme sports and hanging out with my friends. One of my assignments is to learn about people from other cultures so I will answer all.


Mon, 21 May 2001 12:42:21

TREF62i-+ Vedat Kantin, PO Box 85, TR-10001 Balikesir, TURKEY. A:41m L: English, Turkish H: travelling, holiday exchange, collecting phonecards.

TREF62j- Hülya Pal, Dinkciler Mh Güllük Sk No 21 K 2, TR-10100 Balikesir, TURKEY. A:24f L: English
H: swimming, dancing, collecting old coins.

TREF62k- Hale Günes, Bahcelievler Mh Öz Sok 28/3, TR-10050 Balikesir, TURKEY. A:19f L: English H: pictures, music, sport.

TREF62m- Filie Özdemir, Pasaalani Mh, Ücpinar yolu cad, Murat 2; siteleri f blok kat 2, Blk; TURKEY. A:18f
L: English H: basketball, eating, singing, music.

TREF62n-+ Ufuk Evcimen, Hasan Basri Cantay Mh, Cengiz topel Street No 32/4, Balikesir, TURKEY. A:16m
L: English
H: play football, listen to music, read a book.

TREF62o- Mümin Süleymanöglu, Dinkciler Mahalesi Göcmen, Konutlari Blok 8 Daire 19, Balikesir, TURKEY. A:16m L: English H: play basketball, play guitar, listen ing music.

TREF62p- Deniz Zeybek, Maltepe Mah, Serdar Sok No 3/a, Balikesir, TURKEY. A:15m L: English H: play football, listening music.

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TREF62q- Osman Celen, Ali Hikmet Pasa Mah, Hatip Sok No 17/3, Balikesir; TURKEY. A:16m L: English, Turkishh H: chatting, listening music.

TREF62r- Yasar Ünalacak, Hisarki Mh, Ahmet Toprak Cd Aras apt No 5/11, Balikesir; TURKEY. A:15m L: English
H: play football, listen to music.

TREF62s-+ Munat Acik, Minabey Mah, Eski Edremit Cad, Güclü apt No 87/3, Balikesir; TURKEY. A:16m
L: English H: music, computer.

TREF62t- Cüneyt Eken, Ali Hikmet pasa Mah, Bozok Street 33, Balikesir; TURKEY. A:16m L: English
H: basketball, music.


Mon, 21 May 2001 11:55:22

TREF62c- Hakan Tunali, Kisla Mah Seker Evler B, Blok Kat 3, Susurluk BLK, TURKEY. A:18m L: English
H: music, football, car, computer.

GHEF63- Prosper Kusi Ocansey, c/o Wisdom T Kubi, ABB Sae Spa, Box 299, Tema; GHANA. A:17m
H: swimming, riding bicycle, penpals.

TREF62d- Can Yumak, Yeni Izmir Yolu Kurtman apt 94/7, TR-10100 Balikesir, TURKEY. A:18m L: English, Turkish
H: holiday exchange, penpals, music.

GHEF64- Emmanuel D Larbie, PO Box DM 156, Mokorla Accra, GHANA. A:14m L: English H: penpals.

TREF62e- Beyhan Önder, Gumüscesme Mh, Atatuürk Cd No 18-2, TR-10040 Balikesir, TURKEY. A:15f L: English H: music, books, computer. Email: c.onder(a)

GHEF65- John Oddom, PO Box 30, Agona Ahanta, GHANA. A:19m
L: English H: penpals worldwide.

TREF62f- Emrah Yildrin, Kayabey Mh, Böglar Sk No 81/1, TR-10100 Balikesir, TURKEY. A:18m L: English H: sport, music, movie.

GHEF66- Rosalind Oduro Satoa, PO Box 718, Nsawam ER, GHANA. A:25f O: children service teacher H: reading bible, dance, singing, penpals.

TREF62g- Volkon Gögdas, Adm Menderes M, DSI Sitesi E Blok Kat 4 daice 8, Balikesir, TURKEY. A:17m
L: English H: football, ski, swimming.

TREF62h- Emre Deniz, Sütlüce Mah, Kececi Sok No 10, TR-10100 Balikesir, TURKEY. A:17m L: English H: music, computer, sports.


Mon, 21 May 2001 10:49:33

USEF52- Judy A Butler, 9 Emery Rd, Jaffrey NH 03452, USA. A:33f L: English H: sex, hot mail, nude photos, parties.

GHEF54a- Prince Lovi Joseph, Bethel Methodist Church, PO Box CT 1510, Cape Coast, GHANA.
A:20m H: dancing, music, friends, marking, playing soccer, volley ball.

GHEF54b- Catolyn Baaba Grant c/o Prince Lovi Joseph, Bethel Methodist Church, PO Box CT 1510, Cape Coast, GHANA. A:15 H: reading, writing letters, making friends.

GHEF55- Thomas Ben-Hadad, Box 718, Nsawam; GHANA. A:22m
H: reading, listening to gospel preachers, playing ludu, playing cards, swimming.

GHEF56-+ Lydia Mensah, PO Box NK 4, Agona Nyarkrom CR, GHANA. A:25f, seeking for compliant males for friendship and marriage...

GHEF59- Bonna K Amphrbeng, Church of Christ, PO Box 412, Akim-Oda ER, GHANA. A:12m L: English
H: penpals.

GHEF60- Henry Adjetey, c/o Albert Hope Sowah, ECG; PO Box 6348, Accra North, GHANA. A:17m
H: penpals.

PLEF61- Waldemar Hejniak, PL-87223 Zielen 84, POLAND. A:45m O: teacher H: stamp exchange, mint Poland in complete sets given, Michel as basis, Norway and Finland wanted.

TREF62a- Ilker Demirel, I Oruagazi Mh Ayar Sok Bo 29/1, TR-10100 Balikesir, TURKEY. A:18m L: Türkce, English H: müzik, dinlemek, pezmek.

TREF62b- Serka Sagit, Istcsyon Cd Yeni Moh Seker Eveler No 9, TR-10600 Susurluk, Balikesir; TURKEY. A:17m
L: English, Turkish H: music, sports, travelling.


21 May 2001 10:56:56 +0900
Name, age, sex: Jeong Kim
Address: KOREA
Education: some college
Occupation: secreterical work
Languages: English, Korean
Hobbies: nature, music, movie
Greetings: 27 year old Korean girl looking for marriage minded...


20 May 2001 02:50:24 -0700
Name, age, sex: Byung-Woo, 19, man
Address: KOREA
Education: high school 3st grade
Occupation: student
Languages: Korean, English
Hobbies: sports,
Signal is: very good
Greetings: Hello! Have a good time^^


Sun, 20 May 2001 04:47:50
Name, age, sex: Ruth, 30, female
Address: CANADA
Education: nursing college
Occupation: medical assistant
Languages: English
Hobbies: travel, gardening, cooking, boating
Signal is: It's cool!
Greetings: Men from UK, Australia and Middle East please write!


Sat, 19 May 2001 15:30:42
Name, age, sex: Saisei, 17, female
Address: FRANCE
Occupation: student
Languages: French, German, English
Hobbies: listening to music!!, art, travelling, internet
Signal is: cool site !
Greetings: Peace love & rock to @ll of you !!! ;o) !!


19 May 2001 14:06:10 -0700
Name, age, sex: Andrew, 36, male
Address: Johor Bahru, MALAYSIA
Education: LLB, HONS
Occupation: research
Languages: English, Tamil, Malay
Hobbies: dating, correspondence, movies, internet, books
Greetings: Girls only, please!!!!


19 May 2001 15:49:00 +0300
Name, age, sex: Alex, 24, male
Address: Bucharest, ROMANIA


Sat, 19 May 2001 07:11:55 +0200
Name, age, sex: Carmelo, 31, male
Address: ITALY
Occupation: accountant
Languages: English, French, deutsch
Signal is: helping to meet people
Greetings: Hi to north and east European girls.


Fri, 18 May 2001 22:29:57
Hi, I'm innocent girl. I would love to meet new people, especially guys! So write me! Lady Jaye' "The Cute One".


18 May 2001 23:51:06
Name, age, sex: Gregory Dukes, 18, m
Address: USA
Languages: English
Hobbies: sport
Signal is: good magazine
Greetings: Seeking a special friend.


18 May 2001 23:51:06
Name, age, sex: Mohammad Ismail
Education: graduate
Occupation: mktg. exec.
Languages: English
Hobbies: reading, writing
Signal is: excellent
Greetings: All the best to all...