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Monday, November 1, 2010 at 10:28:48
Name, age, sex: Adam S
Address: Hyderabad, INDIA
Email: foru_2010in=AT=rediffmail.com
Homepage: domainvista.blogspot.com
Occupation: business
Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu, Urdu
Hobbies: reading, internet, bmc, penpal, social activities


<<<<< PHOTO
GHOK43-+ Cynthia Smith, PO Box CC 1293, Cape Coast, GHANA.
A:24f, single, tender, loyal, understanding, romantic L: English H: travel, nature, cooking, music, sports - would like to meet someone for friendship leading to intimate and true life partnership.

CUOK44- Yurisleidis Fuentes Basile, Edificio 7 Escalera C Apto 7, Ateneo FN 19/12/87, CUBA. A:22f, 57/170, tengo 2 nina H: buscando amistades, que estoy soltero, que le gustair a la fiesta.

PHOTO >>>>>
GHOK45-+ Joseph Amyquandoh, PO Box AD 586, Adisadel Sch Cape Coast, GHANA.
A:34m, single, 5’5", 72 lbs L: English O: electrical businessman H: house working, photos, travel, tv, music, sports - I am seeking a reliable, caring, honest and hearttender woman for marriage * Email:: josephmuquandoh=AT=yahoo.com

CAOK46- Kevin B Edwards, Unit 5 F 5; PO Box 760, CA-K0L-1LO Campbellfore ONT, CANADA. A:51m, 6', black hair, good shape L: English H: camping, cooking, antiques, biking, hiking, movies.

<<<<< PHOTO
GHOK47-+ Georgina Johnson, PO Box EL 348 Beach Rd, Elmina; GHANA.
A:26f, single H: cooking, flowers, photos, music - am seriously looking for long lasting love and marriage.

USOK48- Myrna McLemee 149883, DW-DOC; 1-C-218; Box 392005, Denver CO 80239, USA. Beautiful Spanish lady looking for male companion, friend and lover to explore live and live happy. I am anxious to meet someone from a foreign country, will love to hear from you.