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    Look inside this 95 years old fine art album by '-mari -14'

    Excellent drawings and water color illustrations, 36 original art pieces from year 1914...
    I bought this small album from a local fleamarket here in Lahti Finland in November 2009.
    Raimo Kaarna, the publisher -

    Friday, November 20, 2009 at 20:42:35
    Name, age, sex: Manzaro, 20, male
    Address: PO Box 596, Nungua-Accra, GHANA

    Friday, November 20, 2009 at 20:27:18
    Name, age, sex: Courage, 18, male
    Address: Accra, GHANA
    Education: junior high school
    Occupation: student
    Languages: English
    Hobbies: browsing
    Signal is: love
    Greetings: Pls can we be friends ?

    Friday, November 20, 2009 at 19:11:45
    Name, age, sex:
    Yasser Abdel Monem Hassan, 40, m
    Address: 3 Hassan Mousa, Masarra, Shoubra, EG-11231 Cairo, EGYPT
    Homepage: def/show/id/2501/ad/Looking_For_Wife/
    Education: Bachelor of Arts
    Occupation: archeological and tourist studies
    Languages: English, Arabic
    Hobbies: reading, walking, chess, computer games, electronics, pen pal
    Signal is: cool
    Greetings: I want a white wife straight and fear God. send me letter to my home address.

    Friday, November 20, 2009 at 18:25:32
    Name, age, sex: Mani, 30, single male
    Education: BA
    Occupation: farmacy
    Languages: English, Hindi, Nepali
    Hobbies: make friend
    Greetings: Please send mail to me.

    Friday, November 20, 2009 at 18:23:58
    Name, age, sex: Hino Moise, 22, m
    Address: Cote d'Ivoire, IVORY COAST
    Education: universitaire
    Occupation: etudiant
    Languages: Francais
    Hobbies: lecture; sport
    Signal is: un bon moyen d'echange
    Greetings: Slt je suis moses j'aimerais correspondre avec des personnes de tous sexes; races; age atravers le monde entier.

    Friday, November 20, 2009 at 18:17:45
    Name, age, sex: Khaled Morshed
    Address: BANGLADESH
    Education: BA (hons), MA
    Occupation: job with an NGO
    Languages: Bangla, English
    Hobbies: work with people, traveling, photography, reading, listening to music and news, surfing the internet
    Signal is: very interesting site
    Greetings: Work with people and for the people. Photo link:
    Propably a mistake in the link, could not open it. SIGNAL

    Friday, November 20, 2009 at 15:55:46
    Name, age, sex: Khalid, 32, male
    Address: PAKISTAN
    Education: MA English
    Occupation: business
    Languages: English, Urdu, Pashto
    Hobbies: making female friends
    Signal is: bestone
    Greetings: Hi to all, I like to make friends all over the world.

    Friday, November 20, 2009 at 14:55:52
    Name, age, sex: Feyisa Seboka, 22, male Address: ETHIOPIA
    Education: B. Sc.

    Friday, November 20, 2009 at 12:58:35
    Name, age, sex: Anita Hammond, female
    Address: AD 45, Cape Coast, GHANA
    Education: university
    Occupation: model
    Languages: English
    Hobbies: swimming, cooking
    Greetings: I am looking for a man from US UK Germany Italy Norway, matured male who is ready to meet me for marriage.

    Friday, November 20, 2009 at 08:18:42
    Name, age, sex: Reetam Dey, 20, male
    Address: 4b Dey Street, Serampore, IN-712201 Hooghly, West Bengal, INDIA
    Email: Education: university
    Occupation: student
    Languages: English, Bengali, Hindi
    Hobbies: collection of stamps and currency Greetings: I want some good friends and also people who have the hobby as collections.

    Friday, November 20, 2009 at 02:28:47
    Name, age, sex: Calvin
    Address: USA
    Education: learning is more important than grades
    Occupation: community activist
    Languages: English
    Hobbies: music, health personal development
    Signal is: robinhood
    Greetings: Long live the constitution...