I've been scanning old Signals in summer 2018- thousands of pages - for the last weeks. Got finally the work done, take a look now !

of 1960-2000 printed on paper
in actual size & colors

as they were issued in those
40 years - over 1 0 0 separate issues, and thousands and thousands of penpals and photos, collectors, mail order ads, penpal clubs far over from 100 countries, interesting news and editorials...
1960-1969 = 6.500 penpals
1970-1979 = 10.850 penpals
1980-1989 = 16.700 penpals
1990-1999 = 18.400 penpals
SIGNALPENPALS.net 1997-2017
on web already for 20 years...

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October 18 2012
I used to receive some 400-500 letters a month some 20-30 years ago when the Signal was a multicolor web offset tabloid...

Now the Signal is on web and I do receive 300-500 emails EVERY DAY and 99% of them is spam. Luckily I still receive also old-fashioned snailmail as you have noticed from the colorful postage stamps scattered among the penpal listings.

They are graphic art themselves, they tell a story about the country from where they were sent, even the stickers and cancellations on the covers are more interesting than those spam emails !

We swap ad space with foreign penpal papers and collectors clubs, they print Signal's ads in their publications and I publish theirs here and in my printed publications in return. Earlier I did collect all the x-ads on one web page, now I scatter them on this page as they come, they make the Signal more interesting and give you the opportunity to contact them VIA SNAILMAIL !

The publishers having survived from the internet revolution are mainly poor hobbyists and therefore you should include the payment for the magazine or your advertisement. Don't expect a reply if you do not include at least the return postage for their reply. Never send small checks to foreigners, the banks charge up to US$ 20 per check to exchange expenses.

Publisher's daughter Kati shoveling snow in Signal's yard - it is cold, -16 degrees Celcius.
October 04 2012

Commercial ads here must be paid for... US$ 20 or Euros 20 per column inch or 50 words !

Some 'penfriends' in Nigeria, Ghana, India and Switzerland keep sending 'penpal listings' offering opportunity 'to live and work in America or Canada'; 'gold dust'; 'earn easy money'; 'immigration, visas'...
My simple advice to all the readers - DON'T waste your time, DON'T waste your money, DON'T believe these vain promises.

September 22 2012

Want to read TODAY'S FOREIGN NEWSPAPERS ? When the page opens click Interactive Radio and you may even listen to the news...

September 12 2012 iPhone 5 press conference...
Watch CNET's Apple event live blog here.
September 5 2012 The press conference is over now in New York, it was interesting. You may read the interviews on Cnet's newspages - click the below link...
September 5 2012

- Let's visit Nokia's Windows Phone press conference Cnet's news live blog starts after a few hours. The Finnish Nokia and Microsoft expose the new Windows 8 mobile phones, more ?

August 14 2012

Make Peace
- Not War !

Read the Panorama
- a TakingITGlobal
online publication

August 11 2012

Two bronze medals to Finland today ! Congratulations... One in men's javelin, one in women's match race sailing, one silver medal earlier to Finland by women ! Special congratulations to Trinidad & Tobago for winning the men's javelin !

July 28 2012 at 02:49:02 a.m.

Just finished watching the opening ceremonies of the 30th Olympic Games from London Great Britain. It's 02:02:31 a.m. (GMT+2) here in Lahti Finland. I enjoyed every moment of this great visual show,
the colorful national costumes and happy smiling faces of these 10.000+ athlets and sports men and women from over 200 different countries...
What a show, what a great event, what a visual enjoyment to one's eyes.

The summer olympic games seem to work for the same aim as this website and the printed Signal, to lower the borders between different countries and nations, to get all of us to get familiar with each other, to make us understand each other, to avoid vain quarrels and fights and wars...

Why are the people of Syria just now killing each other, why they are destroying their national properties, why there are wars anywhere in the world? That is crazy, it is useless, there is no sense at all in this kind of living the everyday life ! Stop the wars, understand each other, work for the under- standing, work for the peace. It is the only way to survive for all of us... I had a few drinks of Qointreau, possibly one or two too much ? Raimo Kaarna,
the publisher

P.S. Paul McCartney - the Beatles - is singing the ending theme of the show just now.

Good nigth !

July 27 2012

As you have noticed there are dozens of penpal listings from USA prisoners... That's caused by Signal's snailmail address and webpage URL being mentioned in a prison world publication.

The prisoners are human beings just like you and me, they have the same needs, the same thoughts, they want to contact someone via mail because it is not possible in other ways. Don't be afraid, just write a letter today, make someone happy !

Common sense is always needed when reading the letters received, everything may not be true, don't believe every word, don't send any money to anybody, don't rely on every promise made for you by strangers abroad, in prison or not...

June 20 2012

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) tries to gather three million garments for distribution to refugees worldwide this fall and winter. Info here !

I personally have always been wondering why the Custom Houses do destroy quite new PIRATED shoes, cloths, garments etc. Wouldn't it be more sensible that these items would be collected to some kind of collecting centers of UN and then later delivered to the refugee camps and poor Third World countries to needy people, FREE of course !

Also other pirated items like cell phones, toys, music and software cds etc could be "destroyed" in the same way, the poor people NEVER would buy them at the high prices anyhow. P.S. The goods could be marked with UN-stamp on them, painted, silk screened, spray colour, stickers = work for the refugees and other jobless people.

June 19 2012

Just 8-10 hours ago
I was visiting the mystery Microsoft event in Los Angeles in USA through CNET's live coverage on web... What did I see ?
The new Surface tablet by Microsoft, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 RT software.

Well, I guess my next tablet will be Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro, now I have Notionink Adam I tablet, with Android software. With the Surface tablet I could even make this and other websites, with the Adam and Android I can just visit the web pages and play games but do no serious work at all !

Anyhow, take a look - more info here !
The price will be from US$ 800 to $ 1000 ? Availability in October 2012 ?

In April I wrote about the tiny Raspberry Pi computer, last week I paid for mine, and expect to receive this tiny Linux computer within a few weeks...
Some UK users introduce their computers here
- visit the page, it is interesting.

June 05 2012

Want to increase your abilities in speaking EVERYDAY English ? Learn more, just read the urbandictionary !

May 24 2012

The Old Fashioned Mail Order Business is back...
Thanks to the two ads received earlier today I found the Mail Order again. When I established my Signal back in 1960 the first USA publications received were
the Popular Advertiser of Paul Wilson, the Mail Sale Advertiser by Vanroy Shirk and the Mail Order Rooster of Luft Press. These publications were the teachers for me how to publish a professional looking magazine, they were first class letterpress printed real magazines !

As to the contents the papers contained mostly ads selling Big Mails, 3x6's, 6x9's, 9x12's adsheets, publications, printing, mailing, money making schemes of all kinds, also some real goods were for sale, but mainly just
"get-rich-schemes", chain letters and MLM-opportunity ads - illegal in most countries - and
"sure instructions" for winning in lotto and gambling etc.
In one word - just NONSENSE for simple and naive people, who would believe in anything to earn a few bucks.

If you want to see what is left from the golden age of real "Mail Order" as it used to be in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and before the computers and INTERNET just click these links
Shore to Shore; adsheetindex; micopublications; and Ads Across America.

It is like going back to the Mail Order business of the past century ! Enjoy !!! M.O. papers 1960-2000 with front cover photos and publishers info listed here penpalclubs.net.

May 12 2012

This was the address of the photo when I received it on the ad form: "C:\Users\Raoufi\ Pictures\mes photos\ voyage 2012\ Photo0206.jpg". Unfortunately there is no way for me to show any photos here in the penpal listings if the photos are situated on the harddisk of your own computer.
The photos must be on the web and you have to send the complete URL on the ad form, or you have to send your photo following these instructions:

  • How do I upload pictures? From the ThumbSnap homepage:
    1) Click "Browse" to find an image on your computer to upload.
    2) Select "Open" or "OK", click the "Upload" button to send the image.
    3) ThumbSnap will provide the code to copy and paste to the ad form.

  • Sunday, April 29, 2012
    Our Indian friend sent the above ad for publishing... Unfortunately it can NOT be done due to the phone number in the text.
    "NO PHONE NUMBERS ALLOWED" - Why ??? Anybody could send any phone numbers of other persons, most people do not know what time of the day there is in the advertiser's country...
    Phone numbers NOT allowed here !

    Friday, April 20, 2012
    YOU 'SPEAK' 64 different languages ! Did you know that ?
    I can NOT believe we all are so wise... But it really is so easy when you just go to
    google translation page and write your text into the left box - select your own language and then select the language for the right box and click 'translate'... DONE, easy and simple !

    Do you receive Chinese or Arabic or Russian emails and wonder what they are about. Just 'paint' the text to copy it (=click ctrl+c), then paste the text (ctrl+v) and select the languages and click translate. Now you know why the emails were sent to you. I personally do receive some 50 emails every day in in these languages, and can translate them even though I do not know a single alphabet or word of them.

    What about reading world's largest newspapers of today in your own language ??? Just copy the easynewspapers.com into the left box, select the language of the newspaper and then select your own language, click translate and start reading IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE.

    I used to work in the local daily newspaper from 1966 to 1989, that's why I recommend reading of them to you, too.

    Wednesday, April 18, 2012 Have you heard about the tiny Raspberry Pi computers costing only UK £ 16 ???
    BBC told about it
    a few days ago,
    do watch the VIDEO, it just great... I want to buy my tiny Raspberry computer immediately even though I already have over 20 handheld computers in my collection !
    Monday, April 16, 2012
    BUSINESS INSIDER tells us the 10 fastest dying industries in USA now. Newspaper publishing is one of the worst at present, revenue declines 4,2 % yearly ! Read this !
    Sunday, April 15, 2012 at 10:23:39
    Enrique from Guatemala,
    you did not fill in your ad form correctly:
    Email: enrisalmista.com
    Homepage: hotmail
    There is NO such website as enrisalmista.com and your hotmail email address is not complete... I just guess you may mean "enrisalmista =AT=hotmail.com", if it is not true send your CORRECT email address again.
    When I receive the penpal listings on the form the address of the sender is always just: "WWW Server < https@web.saunalahti.fi >"; not your own email address.
    Sunday April 15 2012

    I'll be writing here about YOU - the readers, about this website and some web publishing software, about my own collecting hobby, about publishing software, about my other websites, about the weather here in Lahti Finland just now, about my twenty computers, about scammers mailing their 'personal' letters just to you to steal your money from you...

    I'll also tell about my own experiences in the fascinating publishing world in the print media, 22 years in the local daily newspaper Etelš-Suomen Sanomat - circulation now 56.000, and 52 years with the printed Signal penpal magazine.

    All kinds of links to newspapers and magazines will be issued here, too.
    We all can learn more by reading better publications, by studying their source code to adapt the fine ideas also to our own publications. Well, what about web tv, tablet computers, your experiences ? Let's talk about them here, too.