I've been scanning old Signals - thousands of pages - for the last weeks. Got finally the work done, take a look now !

of 1960-2000 printed on paper
in actual size & colors

as they were issued in those
40 years - over 1 0 0 separate issues, and thousands and thousands of penpals and photos, collectors, mail order ads, penpal clubs far over from 100 countries, interesting news and editorials...
1960-1969 = 6.500 penpals
1970-1979 = 10.850 penpals
1980-1989 = 16.700 penpals
1990-1999 = 18.400 penpals
SIGNALPENPALS.net 1997-2017
on web already for 20 years...

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Friday November 27 2009

I spent a few days doing the layout and printing the next SIGNAL, the 50th anniversary issue of January 2010... Got it finally ready, 16 pages, 250 penpal ads, and a few memories from the past, 1960-2010. The same "editorial" here for you, keep on reading !

The printed S I G N A L 50 years in January 2010,
issued since 1960 !!!!!
In all 382.000 copies printed and mailed worldwide,
two million readers by now

Some 20-40 years ago I received 5.000-7.000 letters yearly from the Signal readers, now the amount is less than 1.000 snailmail letters yearly. At every weekend I wrote personal replies and packed 100-200 Signals to be taken to the post office on Monday, in the daytime I was working in the advertising dept of the local daily newspaper Etelš-Suomen Sanomat from 8 am to 4 pm. Had to find some time also for my family, wife and two daughters and Ďsocialí life meeting the friends and relatives etc.

Now that I am retired and have all the free time ever needed and live alone I pack 20-50 Signals at a time once in 4-6 weeks only, write some 20-50 personal letters a year only, reply some 50-100 emails a year, print 20-50 copies of the 12-page A4 size Signals 3-4 times yearly with my b&w A3 photocopier and with the full color A4 laser printer. Less and less time is devoted to the printed Signal, more time is spent with the web edition, usually 5-10 hours DAILY.

The web Signal contains 3.200 pages, 50.000 penpals ads, your ad FREE !!
w w w . s i g n a l p e n p a l s . n e t - 1.000.000 hits in 13 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I receive some 300-500 emails EVERY DAY, I destroy the spam and open only the Signal ad -emails and a few personal emails. I edit every single penpal ad, have to correct 90 % of them on the computer, take ďbadĒ words away, make country names into LARGE ALPHABETS, etc. I want the layout to be clean, the contents to be ok also for children, no sex, no hatred, no porno links etc. Usually I add the penpal listings to the web edition 4-10 times daily, the first time at 10 am or so, the last time usually at 12 pm or even thereafter, at night. Making the html-codes for the web pages takes a lot of time and when the pages have been lay-outed and coded they must be sent to the servers to become visible for the readers. I learn the coding by studying other web pages and when finding some interesting contents or links I try to get similar material to the Signal, too.

This kind of work is quite interesting, just take a look at the front page of www.signalpenpals.net. By clicking the flags or links above the penpal ads you can read the Signal and all the penpal listings in your own language, in some 30 different languages - English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Czech, Romanian, Croatian etc. You may translate also all my other websites in the same way:
www.worldsignals.net - www.penpalmagazine.net - www.globalcollectors.net - www.penpalclubs.net - www.lahtelaista.net - www.signalpenpals.net -

I was a schoolboy of 16 when I started the Signal in 1960 and wanted to find collectors abroad to exchange stamps

And I still am gathering stamps, covers, mbls, viewcards, phonecards, records, almost anything but I really have no REAL collections... I just have them. What Iíve been collecting lately is the COMPUTERS !!!! Mainly old ones, from the 1980ís, 90ís, 2000ís...

Iíve got old cp/m computers: three Osborne I, Osborne Vixen; four different Kaypro-computers, an old Seiko from 80ís; some 10 different old laptop computers, five different Apple-computers, 18 different handheld computers, my current computers used in the Signal work. In all the amount is now over 50 different and the operating systems vary from Windows XP to Ubuntu Linux to Apple OSX, etc etc. A few weeks ago I found an old Apple Newton handheld, 20 years old, price Euros 70. Usually nobody is willing to pay nothing for those obsolate computers but collectors like me pay even to much if they need something for their collections. Unfortunately Iím one of them...

Some of my friends have been asking what Iíve done with all the envelopes and postage stamps Iíve received from the Signal-readers in 1960-2009 ????

Well, some 25-30 years ago I swapped tens of thousands of envelopes and mint foreign postage stamps into a used old Vokswagen (VW) car. Now I have 50.000-100.000 envelopes, donít know yet what to do with them. Possibly I will try to sell them in the fleamarkets, via postal philatelic auctions, to friends or maybe I just ďcollectĒ them and let my daughters solve the problem when the time comes, who knows.

Want to know more about the Signal ? Visit these pages for photos and info: www.signalpenpals.net/signalhistory.htm - www.signalpenpals.net/signaljutut.htm - www.signalpenpals.net/pdf/6Dissue0104.pdf - (pages 6, 7 and 8).

If any of you happen to visit Finland in January 2010 you are welcome to meet me at my home and in Signalís office !!!

In the past a few Signal readers have visited Signalís offices - Gottfried Novak from DDR/Germany, Kit Seyd from Great Britain, Johnny Jaros from Czechoslovakia, Robertas Cerskus from Lithuania, Mr & Mrs Dunajeff from Russia, some readers from Korea, Algeria and Uzbekistan...

Tuesday May 12 2009

Signal reader, artist and cartoonist
Matt Matteo from Pennsylvania USA did a very fine caricature drawing of Signal's publisher Raimo Kaarna and airmailed it to Finland. Take a look at the drawing also in bigger size, it is excellent. The artist, Matt Matteo, is introduced on the web, visit the site to see more of his paintings and drawings.

Tuesday May 12 2009

Signal's five smaller websites were just moved to the same web server as our main site in Finland. Just click the links again... http://www.worldsignals.net http://www.penpalmagazine.net http://www.globalcollectors.net http://www.penpalclubs.net http://www.lahtelaista.net

Thursday April 23 2009

I just received spam from "myself" - signal@sci.fi and raimo.kaarna@sci.fi, unbelievable !!!!
Some scammers (this time ElenaWstUnGrp@gmail.com - West Union Group Company) are taking use of my good name and are offering "their services and products" also to me.
I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THESE EMAILS, they are not from me or www.signalpenpals or my other sites. NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THESE SCAMMERS !

Thursday April 23 2009

I've spent several hours deleting the spam from www.penpalclubs.net. Most of the contents has been corrected but some photos seem to be missing due to changed ID-numbers by the hackers. Anyhow you'll find information about almost 1.000 penpal papers, it is the history of penpal magazine publishing during 1960-2009. Take a look now !

Unfortunately I had to change my publishing policies, the penpal clubs can no longer add their information direct to the web pages. Send your sample copies and full information about your papers via "snailmail" to Signal-wwcd2009, Box 150, FI-15111 Lahti, FINLAND. I'll check the info and add it to "www.penpalsclubs.net" as soon as possible.

Tuesday April 21 2009

The spammers have invaded 2301 first listings of Signal's other website "www.penpalclubs.net" !!! That's incredible and harmful. The whole idea about publishing a kind of penpal magazine history from 1960 to 2009 has been almost spoiled, just go and see what this website is about, i. e. the names, addresses, full information and photo of the penpal club magazine, and when the magazine was issued.

As far as I know the spam has been sent from TAIWAN, possibly the texts are Chinese alphabets written in Latin alphabets ? The links do not open, I've tested some. The same "links" were already removed by me earlier, spent a few hours in the work because the German database on the servers of the "baseportal.com" lets me delete only one link at a time. 2300 links to remove!!!???? Sorry, I don't have the time to remove them !!!!

Tuesday March 17 2009

Newspapers around the world are having economical difficulties due to lost advertising income and internet... And some of them are shifting to web editions only. Read about this Seattle USA newspaper now. Signal penpal magazine, www.signalpenpals.net, shifted mainly to web already in 1997 and is heavily considering closing the printed edition entirely. At present a few hundred copies per issue are mailed worldwide, twenty years ago the number of the printed Signal penpal papers was 10.000 copies per issue ! In all I've mailed 382.000 copies worldwide in 49 years, just imagine the money used in the postage stamps alone, not to mention the really heavy printing expenses...

Friday February 27 2009

Lately I've been receiving spam from signal@sci.fi and raimo.kaarna@sci.fi, unbelievable !!!! Some scammers are taking use of my good name and are offering their services and products also to me, signal@sci.fi and raimo.kaarna@sci.fi. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THESE EMAILS, they are not from me or www.signalpenpals or my other sites. NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THESE SCAMMERS !
Raimo Kaarna - signal - signalpenpals.net

Tuesday February 24 2009

Want still to read foreign newspapers in their local languages ? Visit these excellent websites: Online Newspapers; World Newspapers; ABYZ Newslinks; Newslinks on web; Newspapers on web.

Thursday February 05 2009

The link to world's newspapers - http://www.webdopresse.ch/fr_pays.asp?nav=anglais - seems to be unfunctionable at the moment. Let's hope the situation will be corrected soon and we all can again read the newspapers in any language free !
Visit another alternative for world newspapers: www.pressdisplay.com/ pressdisplay/ homepage_v2.aspx.

Thursday January 22 2009

Cheap homes for the poor people worldwide - ďsuper adobe domesĒ
With simple evolution of one of manís basic methods used centuries ago united with a little modern technology to construct shelter and housing, an innovative architect has created a small eco-sustainable village to accommodate 80 children, 10 staff, and a small school near Kathmandu, Nepal, in the Himalaya Mountains ó the first of its kind for the region.

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