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I've been scanning old Signals - thousands of pages - for the last weeks. Got finally the work done, take a look now !

of 1960-2000 printed on paper
in actual size & colors

as they were issued in those
40 years - over 1 0 0 separate issues, and thousands and thousands of penpals and photos, collectors, mail order ads, penpal clubs far over from 100 countries, interesting news and editorials...
1960-1969 = 6.500 penpals
1970-1979 = 10.850 penpals
1980-1989 = 16.700 penpals
1990-1999 = 18.400 penpals 1997-2017
on web already for 20 years...

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February 06 2008

Signal's publishing operations are expanding heavily. I just registered a few more domains to start several new websites... Some have been open for some days or weeks, also the rest can be visited. Anyhow I'm still pondering the possibilities, layouts and contents for all the sites, and testing useful CMS software, databases etc. You may want to see them too ? Click the links !!!!
3 *)
*) F K Sarkodee from Ghana has now his own ready-made co-operative website,
If you'd like to have your own well established website with 2500 pages and 50.000 penpal ads email for details to I myself have got about 100 websites scattered around the world, my own sites and affiliate sites, visit a few of them now !

January 24 2008

Some of our friendly readers try to harm the Signal... This virus was just deleted:
Scan type:  Auto-Protect Scan
Event:  Risk Found!
Risk: W32.Blackmal.E@mm!enc
File:  Fw: SeX.mpg>>SeX.mim
Location:  Mail System
Computer:  TARGA
User:  TARGA\Raimo Kaarna
Action taken:  Cleaned by Deletion
Date found: 24. tammikuuta 2008  10:02:00
Someone tried to sell fake medicine to signal's email address using the same signal's email address as sender !!! I guess hundreds of you must have received the same emails ??? As to other illegal offers someone keeps telling me that my paypal account (I do NOT have any paypal account) or my credit card account (I do NOT have any credit cards) have been hacked and will be closed and therefore I should send my username and password to them. All those rich inheritants, ex-generals and ex-ministers, ex-business executives, etc. who have funds to invest in business or real estate need help to save their money into my bank account, for great commission of course. At least 20-30 'medicine firms' try to sell viagra, botox etc every day, and rose grand from Canada tries to get me to work in a hotel... Dutch, African, Asian email lottery systems tell me that I have won millions in their lotteries and they need my bank account number to save the money there. At first I should reply their "confidential" mail and not to tell anyone about this great success !!!!
NEVER REPLY ANY LETTERS LIKE THESE !!! They are all lies, the criminals are trying to rip you off from your money. If any email seems too good to be true it is NOT TRUE, it is NOT TRUE, just plain lies...

December 31 2007

It is the last day of 2007... What next year will bring to you or to me is to be seen. During the existence of the internet dozens of printed penpal papers have ceased their issueance, some of us have taken a fresh start on the web. Long live the Signal - bottoms up !!!! - long live the other hobby and penpal magazines and their publishers. And long live all the Signal readers !!!

Many readers sent their local dolls in national costumers as "payment" for their ads in the Signal during the past decades. Some of the dolls above.

December 21 2007

You can again place your photo on the front page of the Signal. Upload your photo and it is seen worldwide immediately! Instructions below...

Free Image hosting by ImageSnap Free Image hosting by ImageSnap Free Image hosting by ImageSnap Free Image hosting by ImageSnap Free Image hosting by ImageSnap Free Image hosting by ImageSnap Free Image hosting by ImageSnap Free Image hosting by ImageSnap

  • How do I upload pictures? From the ThumbSnap homepage:
    1) Click "Browse" to find an image on your computer to upload.
    2) Select "Open" or "OK", click the "Upload" button to send the image.
    3) ThumbSnap will provide the code to copy and paste into Signal's ad form.

  • December 19 2007

    I just bought more webspace for the Signal on another webserver. The site address for the "new" web magazine is
    Most of you never visited my Finnish-language website called This site is about my home town Lahti - 100.000 inhabitants - about my life, family, friends, hobbies, history etc. Take a look even though you would not understand a single word in Finnish ! Also photos...

    December 12 2007

    Scan type:  Auto-Protect Scan
    Event:  Risk Found!
    Risk: W32.Netsky.P@mm!enc
    File:  failure notice
    Location:  Mail System
    Computer:  TARGA
    User:  TARGA\Raimo Kaarna
    Action taken:  Quarantine succeeded
    Date found: 12. joulukuuta 2007  18:26:42

    December 10 2007

    "My name is Axxx Mxxx 20 years Old from Dafur Sudan, Residing in Accra Ghana as Refugee. I got your contact through my search for a Trustful person/company in Europe or U.S.A that will assist me retrieve the sum of ($3.850m)Three Million Eight Hundred And Fifty Thounsand United State Dollars with a Bank in Ghana."
    "We are pleased to inform you that your EMAIL ADDRESS has been selected as one of the 10 lucky winners in the email lottery programme conducted by the EURO MILLIONS on the 30th of november, 2007. "
    "My father left the sum of USD,14,200, 000 dollars (FOURTEEN MILLION TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) Finance firm. This money was annually paid into my late fathers account from Sxxxx petroleum development company (spdc) and cxxx oil company operating in our locality for the compensation of youth and community development in our jurisdiction. I don't know how and what I will do to invest this money somewhere in abroad..."

    I receive dozens of spam emails every day about winning in lottery, money transfer, heritance, work abroad, etc etc etc. As you should know they are all fraud, lies, some criminals are testing your knowledge and trying to steal your money from you... Please click the below link to protect yourself from getting swindled !
    "Work in our Hotel",
    "Help me get Millions out of the Country"

    The automatic robots of spammers are collecting email addresses from web pages worldwide. The Signal tries to make this work a bit harder by replacing the @ with =AT= in the address, the robots may not recognise these email addresses and we all get less spam, I hope.

    December 05 2007

    Scan type:  Auto-Protect Scan
    Event:  Risk Found!
    Risk: W32.Mydoom.M@mm
    File:  RETURNED MAIL: 
    Location: Mail System Computer: TARGA User: TARGA\Raimo Kaarna Action taken: Cleaned by Deletion Date found: 5. joulukuuta 2007 13:36:47

    December 03 2007

    Scan type:  Auto-Protect Scan
    Event:  Risk Found!
    Risk: Trojan.Pandex
    File:  Sexy Card from Hot Girl>>>>card.scr
    Location: Mail System Computer: TARGA User: TARGA\Raimo Kaarna Action taken: Cleaned by Deletion Date found: 3. joulukuuta 2007 10:21:45

    November 30 2007

    When I established the Signal back in 1960, almost 50 years ago, most of the ads were collectors exchange offers... They wanted to swap postage stamps, postcards, matchbox labels, dolls in national costumes etc. To see what the collectors want and offer today visit SIGNAL COLLECTORS CLASSIFIEDS ! To place your own swap offers you have to register at first, then you can advertise. FREE, OF COURSE !

    November 29 2007

    It seems to me now that the Thumbsnap photoloading system is down, their webpage does not seem to open at all now... Sorry for that because some 20 readers used this excellant service in the Signal. If you want to have your photo in the Signal use one of the other photo systems mentioned in Signal's info-page!

    November 13 2007

    "Why do you have so many announces from Ghana-girls, which seems to be Europeans or someone else, but fraudsters. I think that most announces from Ghana are fake. I have really had bad experiences with it.... Therefore I had fake letters from Ghana-police, had to pay for prison-fees, heart-operations, funerals, flights and so one..... So why donīt you stop this announces from fraudsters."
    Tim Riewe, Germany

    Common sense is always needed when reading the ads in the Signal or in any other penpal and dating publications and websites. There are always dishonest persons among the sincere and honest ones.
    1) NEVER send any money for any reason to your new and unknown friends;
    2) If something sounds too good to be true it is NOT true;
    "Work in our Hotel",
    "International Youth Conference",
    "Help me get Millions out of the Country"

    and illegal Chain letters.

    Raimo Kaarna, the publisher

    October 28 2007

    You may have been wondering those NUMBERS after the name in some US personal ads lately.
    Name, age, sex: Mario Alberto Hernandez 13165, 53, male
    Name, age, sex: Stanley Ray Huddleson 476-821, 40, male

    They are "prisoner numbers" and mean that the advertiser is now in a prison, a correctional facility due to the crimes for which s/he has been comdemned... We all make mistakes, some people more serious than the others. We all need friends, and a distant penfriend is better than no friends at all. That's why I do accept ads also from these people. As you may know all the mail sent to the prisoners or by the prisoners, is CENSORED by the prison authorities, thus you can feel yourself safe.

    Another warning may be reasonable here...
    Some professional sex workers try to advertise their services in the Signal but I do NOT accept any porno ads or other illegal ads at all. All sexually oriented advertising is censored in the Signal by me. I try to keep the Signal "clean", it should be useful for readers of any age, adults and school children, teenagers and retired persons.

    August 30 2007

    This 'Poku-Mailart'-card was received from Lothar Trott, Switzerland... Thanks for my Japanese friend Ryosuke Cohen who publishes 'Brain Cell 674' Signal's address is on his mail art mailing lists. I love these fantastic pieces of graphic arts, received the first ones from Alexandria in Egypt already in the 60's or 70's. Some mail art work has been received also from friends in Hungary... I'll publish more mail art photos here later !

    June 02 2007

    Abdul Bari reading Signal 62 of 1985 in the "First Great PenFriendship Competition 1987 Faisalabal Pakistan, Peace through Friendship" exhibition. Abdul, the publisher of The Great, a Pakistani collectors magazine; propably took the Signals 62/1985 and 56/1982 to this exhibition. He sent the photos to me in March 1987. Unfortunately I could not attend this show myself and therefore I do not know how the Signal succeeded, did it win any prizes ? In the 80's and 70's the Signal was a GIANT multicolor tabloid...

    I've got some 20-30 photos of other Signal readers by the side of their local mail boxes from around the world. Will print them later here for you.

    May 18 2007
    What about having a GIANT GLOBE in the corner of your work room ? I'd love one, too !

    This RUSSIAN LANGUAGE information was received among 120 other spam emails a few hours ago. I got interested and decided to "translate" it even though I have never studied a single word Russian, not even the Cyrillic alphabets ! Also you can do Russian-English and English-Russian translations easily, free... FULL INFO HERE FOR YOU !!!

    May 15 2007

    * CANADA won the Gold Medals in WM Ice Hockey, Finland got the Silver Medals.
    * Listen to SERBIA'S lovely Eurovision winner song.
    * The Best Finn in FI car race was Kovalainen driving the Renault. Congratulations !

    May 12 2007 - FINLAND !!!!?????

    * Finland just won Russia 2-1 in World Championship ice hockey in Moscow Russia !! Finland or Canada will get the golden medals in the finals on Sunday !
    * Eurovision Song Contest 2007 was held a few hours ago in Helsinki, Finland's capital ! SERBIA won the contest, CONGRATULATIONS !
    * Formula One, F1, Car Race on Sunday !!!!! Will Kimi Raikkonen, the Finn driving the Ferrari, win tomorrow ?

    May 9 2007
    Both addresses missing in Vivian's penpal ad

    Wednesday, May 9, 2007 at 11:32:51
    Name, age, sex: Vivian, 24, f
    Address: No 6 Fatoke St., Nicolas
    Email: theverybestofvivian

    Vivian like several other Signal readers seems to think that I get the complete email addresses on the top of the Signal form in the "From"-part. Unfortunately that's not the case, what I really do get is: From: "WWW Server" < >, the sender is "WWW Server", not your email address.

    Also Vivian's postal address is NOT precise enough to send any snailmail... In what country she lives ? Let's find it out by searching for "Nicolas" - Google finds about 5,960,000 hits for "Nicolas" with Safesearch on ! Where to send the letters ?
    Be careful when sending your penpal ads to the Signal or when sending snailmail letters to anyone. Without your own clearly written address you'll never get any reply !

    Raimo Kaarna, the publisher

    May 1st 2007
    @ is replaced with =AT=
    in all penpal ads now !

    Most of us have been receiving lots of spam, unsolicited advertising - lottery, viagra, money transfer offers etc etc via email. This has possibly been caused partly by the real email addresses in the listings. Let's now test "swindling" the automatic robots of spammers by replacing the @ with =AT= in the address, they may not recognise these different email addresses at all ??
    We will see the results later.

    Raimo Kaarna, the publisher

    March 1st 2007
    was the nightmare
    of my lifetime...

    During the previous night some 250 Mb of Signal-files, all the penpal ads of 2006 and 2005, were somehow lost from the webserver. Also all the photofiles and photos were lost...

    The new fine guestbook with 176 fresh penpal listings and photos was lost. The counter stopped counting visits...

    18 different test versions of the Signal disappeared ! These had been made using the excellent CMS contents management systems like Drupal, Geeklog, Joomla, Mambo, Nucleus, Postnuke, Wordpress etc etc - all lost ! The tabloid Signal was lost...

    Signal's main webserver is in Holland, two other servers are in Finland, and about one hundred "subdomaine" servers are scattered around the world, USA, Russia, China, Morocco, Germany, Switzerland and other countries...

    I do not know what happened, what was the reason for this misfortune. Possibly a bad virus even though my own computers have firewalls and excellent virus protection.

    I receive some 500 emails EVERY DAY, 90 % of them is spamming, destroying this trash takes anyhow only a few minutes daily. Panda virus software warns about new viruses found in my emails and I send them to Panda to add to their database to protect other computer users. By now I've sent far over 50 different new viruses to Panda.

    Well, I had to work a few days harder to recover Signal's website but still some photos are missing, still some links do not work. The work will be continued, so patience please !

    - Raimo Kaarna, the publisher