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Monday, November 11, 2002 at 23:56:46
Name, age, sex: Domenico, 58, male
Address: Via Lavaggi n° 3, IT-96011 Augusta, ITALY
Education: techinical school
Occupation: supervisor piping
Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Tagalo, Arabic
Hobbies: swimming, travel, computer, language, postcard, stamps, walking along the beach
Signal is: good and easy

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 23:38:27
Name, age, sex: Sharafudeen, 25, male
Address: Mwanza, TANZANIA
Education: MSc
Occupation: biochemist
Languages: English, Kiswahili, Tamil, Malayalam
Hobbies: chatting, singing
Signal is: good
Greetings: Have a nice time.

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 22:43:25
Name, age, sex: Said, 25, man
Address: 3 mm, MOROCCO
Education: back
Occupation: nothing
Languages: French, Arabic, English
Hobbies: correspondance, swi, internet

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 21:49:55
Name, age, sex: Jayadevan, 39, male
Address: Saisivam, Muttom PO, Haripad, Alappuzha, Kerala, INDIA
Education: postgraduate
Occupation: business
Languages: English, Malayalam
Hobbies: reading, computing, seeking bm ladies for companionship
Signal is: most elegant friend finder in the entire world
Greetings: Hai everybody, be happy always since our life is so short and unpredictable.

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 20:57:59
Name, age, sex: Ahtsham, 23, male
Address: Peshawar, PAKISTAN
Education: BCom
Occupation: journalist
Languages: English, Urdu, Pushtoo
Hobbies: search, reading
Signal is: batter

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 20:35:46
Name, age, sex: G P Fredric, 40, male
Address: Mysore, Karnataka, INDIA
Education: MBA
Occupation: business
Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil
Hobbies: music, meeting people, friends
Signal is: What a way to meet new people!!!
Greetings: Greetings and happy hunting!!!!

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 20:34:04
Name, age, sex: Auz, 18, male
Address: No 1 Jalan 1a/9, Bandar Baru, Sungai Buloh, Selangor, MALAYSIA
Occupation: student
Hobbies: surf internet, bm and bi

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 20:20:42
Name, age, sex: Yatin, 28, male
Address: Pune, INDIA

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 19:58:03

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 19:43:39
Name, age, sex: Marai
Address: AUSTRIA
Languages: English, German, Latin
Hobbies: listing music, swimming, skiing
Greetings: I want a letterfriendship to a Finn.

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 17:19:27
Name, age, sex: Sakis, 40, male
Address: GREECE
Education: university
Occupation: writer
Languages: English
Hobbies: music, cinema, art

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 17:14:59
Name, age, sex: Carmen, 30, feminine
Address: Camguey, CUBA
Education: informatic
Occupation: teacher
Languages: Spanish
Hobbies: music, cinema, poems
Signal is: the sign is very good
Greetings: I want to find some friend around the world from everywhere, according to my ads.

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 17:04:55
Name, age, sex:
Dr. N. Ravi Raj, 39, male
Address: New No 36, old No 23 Ganga Ram Garden, Kodambakkam, IN-600024 Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Education: B.Sc, M.A., M.D. alternative medicine, Ph.D. al-medicine
Occupation: medical, acupuncture, physiotherapy, yoga
Languages: English, Tamil, Telugu
Hobbies: social, help, service in medical, please I serve in your place, country
Greetings: Seek female for marriage, love, long term relationship, any, no bar.

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 16:35:05
Name, age, sex: Osmani, 29, old
Address: Camaguey, CUBA
Education: English teacher
Occupation: teacher
Languages: English, Spanish
Hobbies: music, arts, cinema, dancing
Signal is: very good
Greetings: I would like to find a partner for establish a longterm love relationship in Canada or Europe although other countries is good for me too. I am gay and I am interested in looking for a person who love me or friendship, I do not smoke or take drugs.

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 16:17:40
Name, age, sex: Ishi, 30, female
Address: Fort Lauderdale, USA
Education: Masters in English
Occupation: teacher
Languages: English, Hindi, Bengali
Hobbies: poetry, dramatics, classical dance, cooking
Signal is: good in connecting people
Greetings: I want only Assamese penfriends. Assam is very special for me.

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 15:38:32
Name, age, sex: Sande David, 15, male
Address: St Marys College, Kisubi PO Box 26, Entebbe, UGANDA
Education: high school
Occupation: student
Languages: English
Hobbies: movies, rugby
Signal is: fine
Greetings: ok

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 15:02:55
Name, age, sex: Andy, 38, male
Address: ENGLAND
Occupation: self employed
Languages: English
Hobbies: keep fit, cinema, travel, internet, music
Signal is: cool
Greetings: Friendly athletic black male seeks attractive foreign female, 25-39 genuine only, for nice friendship maybe more. Photos welcome.

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 14:58:19
Name, age, sex:
Felix Kwesi Sarkodee, 55, male
Address: PO Box 14182, Accra, GHANA
Homepage: 1042192/FREE
Education: fellow of the institute of small business
Occupation: mail-order dealer
Languages: English
Hobbies: gold and diamonds collection and sale
Signal is: great
Greetings: Hello there fellow business people, rush.

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 14:27:21
Name, age, sex: Anil Chadha, 38, male
Address: 101, C-122, Guneet Complext Hari Nagar, Delhi, INDIA
Education: graduate
Occupation: self-employed
Languages: English
Hobbies: make friendship, chating, badminton, cards
Greetings: Any beautiful girl who make the friendship, contact me through e-mail.

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 13:57:13
Name, age, sex: Joepy, 32, male
Address: Lindelaan 12, Amsterdam, HOLLAND
Education: higher
Occupation: engineer
Languages: English, Dutch
Hobbies: reading, swimming, dancing, computers
Greetings: Hello you...

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 13:55:48
Name, age, sex: Subhra, 22, female
Address: INDIA
Education: doing network engineering
Occupation: student
Languages: English, Hindi, Bengali
Hobbies: making friends, music, surfing
Signal is: gr8
Greetings: I seek friends from different countries.

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 12:38:53
Name, age, sex: Ghon, 20, male
Address: ALGERIA
Education: university
Languages: English

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 12:36:48
Name, age, sex: Aroa
Address: Alryadh, COUNTRY???

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 12:36:45
Name, age, sex:
Clifford Almeida, 22, male
Address: No 21, 3rd Lane, Kaldemulla Rd, Moratuwa, SRI LANKA
Occupation: engineer
Languages: English
Hobbies: listening to rock and rap music, watching movies, reading

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 11:45:58
Name, age, sex: Humayun Kabir, 40, m
Address: H 36, R 115, Gulshan, Dhaka, BANGLADESH
Education: diploma in civil engineering
Occupation: manager, import
Languages: English, Bangla
Hobbies: travelling, music, adult film
Signal is: very nice
Greetings: No war, make friendshipm

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 11:44:36
Name, age, sex: Rays John, 31, m
Address: TC. 27/903 Athani Lane, Vanchiyoor, IN-695035 Trivandrum, INDIA
Education: law
Occupation: lawyer
Languages: English, Malayalam
Hobbies: music
Greetings: Hi, welcome all.

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Monday, November 11, 2002 at 11:02:32
Name, age, sex: Jahangir, 20, male
Address: Dhakkar Teh, Kharian Dist, Gujrat, PAKISTAN
Education: ICS
Occupation: student
Languages: English, Urdu
Hobbies: love, sex
Greetings: Hi, I want a friend like u.

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 09:48:27
Name, age, sex: Bob Mode, 52, male
Address: 7415 Buckboard Lane, San Antonio, TX 78227, USA
Education: graduate level
Occupation: consultant, geologist
Languages: English, Spanish, French
Hobbies: aerobics, scuba diving, acting

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 09:37:55
Name, age, sex: Pete, 32, m
Address: UK
Occupation: computer operator
Languages: English
Hobbies: erotic stories, picture swapping, cyber sex
Signal is: Still going strong!
Greetings: I'm looking forward to hearing from sexy girls!

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 08:24:54
Name, age, sex: Muniandy, male
Address: Penang, MALAYSIA
Education: graduate
Occupation: property management
Languages: English, Malay, Tamil
Hobbies: reading, travelling
Signal is: happy
Greetings: You are welcome, I will reply.

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 08:17:41
Name, age, sex: Susanne Michels, 32, f
Address: Postfach 11, CH-7075 Churwalden, SWITZERLAND
Occupation: book-keeper
Languages: German, Russian, English, French
Hobbies: swimming, hiking, travelling, reading
Signal is: good
Greetings: I'm looking for penpals.

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 08:04:54
Name, age, sex: Sally, 22, female
Education: university
Occupation: student
Languages: Chinese, Malay, English
Hobbies: travel

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 05:47:30
Name, age, sex: Héctor, 31, male
Address: 27 Nro. 4059, Gonnet, ARGENTINA
Education: college student
Occupation: administration secretary
Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French
Hobbies: languages, music, drawing, sci-fi movies, outdoors activities, martial arts, nature
Signal is: good start
Greetings: Thanks for reading. Just make contact with me and we'll enjoy life together.

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 04:31:19
Name, age, sex:
Cortease Love, 27, female
Address: Kansas City, KS, USA
Education: Bachelor of Science
Occupation: astrologer
Languages: English, Spanish
Hobbies: writing, research, martal arts, psychology
Signal is: great
Greetings: I can help you get on the right path of life!

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 03:29:41
Name, age, sex: Kim Si Hyun, 23, man
Address: Ulsan, KOREA
Languages: English
Hobbies: soccer

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 03:16:31
Name, age, sex: Yann, male
Address: CP 95, CH-1000 Lausanne 30, SWITZERLAND
Education: university
Occupation: engineer
Languages: French, English, German
Hobbies: music, nature, walks, picnics, outings, homelife, cooking
Signal is: great
Greetings: Man living by lake "Léman", Switzerland, engineer, single, slim, wish to know natural light blond or red-blond woman, 25 to 36, slim, max 1,70m, without kids, for long-term relationship.

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 03:11:45
Name, age, sex: Sergio, 24, m
Address: New York, NY
Education: study literature, and film at u.
Occupation: bartender, for now
Languages: English, Spanish, Portugese Hobbies: art, great films, literature
Greetings: Hello, Hola, cumprimento...

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 02:58:52
Name, age, sex: Hye Lin Byun, 22, f
Education: university
Occupation: student
Languages: English
Hobbies: reading, watching movie
Greetings: Hi~ I want to meet good e-mail friends.

Monday, November 11, 2002 at 01:49:39
Name, age, sex: Claudette, 30, female
Address: 341 Talbot Avenue, CA-R2L-0P9 Wpg, MB, CANADA
Education: high school graduate
Languages: English
Hobbies: reading, writing letters, watching movies, cultures
Signal is: a great resource
Greetings: Hello! Shy single Canadian lady wishes to correspond to postal pen pals from Japan and the southern part of the USA, esp. Mississippi, Louisiana and Missouri! Exchanges Friendship Books! Looking for single correspondandants! Please e-mail me for home address! Thank you!

Sunday, November 10, 2002 at 23:30:57
Address: Joan Vrhees
Address: 8 Grange Ave, Ollerton Village, Newark, Notts, UK
Education: some college
Occupation: retired
Languages: English
Hobbies: travel, other cultures, films, music
Signal is: great way to make friends
Greetings: Hello new friends !

Sunday, November 10, 2002 at 22:50:36
Name, age, sex: Hassan
Languages: English, French
Hobbies: swim, music

Sunday, November 10, 2002 at 22:24:16
Name, age, sex: Grace Eilliams
Address: GHANA
Education: a level
Occupation: student
Languages: English
Hobbies: reading, music
Signal is: ok
Greetings: I love the game.

Sunday, November 10, 2002 at 22:12:32
Name, age, sex: Mohamed, 34, male
Address: PO Box 879, Benghazi, LIBYA
Education: some college
Occupation: business man
Languages: Arabic, English, Italian
Hobbies: correspondence, travel, reading, collecting postcards, banknotes, phonecards
Signal is: I know that the first mag. in the world for penfriends and wishing to be one of their members and get a magazine from them.
Greetings: Hi to everyone in this world who wants to know about me and Libya, write today soon.

Sunday, November 10, 2002 at 21:12:21
Name, age, sex: Dubai gentleman
Address: DUBAI, UAE
Education: PhD
Occupation: manager
Languages: English
Hobbies: computer
Greetings: I am Indian 34 with doctorate degree and staying Dubai alone. Looking for a secret affair with lovable lonely widow, lesbian, gay, lesbian couple, very confidentially on weekends. I am very clean and good looking 6 feet/ 86 kg from a very respected family.

Sunday, November 10, 2002 at 20:36:55
Name, age, sex: Chidera, 26, male
Education: gratuate
Occupation: not yet
Languages: English
Hobbies: travelling
Signal is: wonderful
Greetings: Send me mail, 100% reply.

Sunday, November 10, 2002 at 20:23:26
Name, age, sex: Dr Islam, 42, male
Address: Rajshahi, BANGLADESH
Education: medical science
Occupation: teacher and physician
Languages: English
Hobbies: many
Signal is: lovely
Greetings: Welcome to the world of Islam Mr. Only women of Sitzerland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand for marriage through pen friendship.

Sunday, November 10, 2002 at 20:22:26
Name, age, sex: Shahjahna, 27, male
Address: Dhaka, BANGLADESH
Education: computer engineer
Occupation: business
Languages: English
Hobbies: computer browsing
Greetings: OK

Sunday, November 10, 2002 at 20:15:08
Name, age, sex: Lindsey, 12, girl
Homepage: Hobbies: horseriding, swimming
Greetings: Helloooooooooooooooo